The 12 months of ELTW

Don’t forget to head on over to the POM website and vote for my Red Roast Pork with POMegranate glaze. Click here (edited to add, link is no longer active). Thanks so much in advance! Ok, on to today’s post… Remember some of these images? Well now you can relive my first year blogging (actually … Read more

How to de-seed a POMegranate – not scary at all!

So yesterday’s post, my entry in the 2009 POM Fresh Recipe contest, required me to seed a pomegranate. O-kay….. I went to the POM website and found their instructions. The POM people (and they should know!) say: Pomegranates may seem intimidating, but they are easy to open. This efficient procedure for opening a pomegranate has … Read more

Red roast pork with POM glaze

Red roast pork with POMegranate glaze

This recipe is based on a family favourite – both in my immediate family and now in the ELTW household. When my sister and I are at home or when mum and dad are visiting us, we always ask mum to cook this dish – it’s become a classic. Luckily I pretty much know the … Read more

T’is the season…

As a nod to all my American friends who celebrated Thanksgiving over the past weekend, I decided to make a very seasonal dessert for a dinner party on Saturday (that I didn’t end up attending… sigh… damn flu). Hope everyone reading in the US is recovered enough from their turkey day comas to enjoy this … Read more

More food parcels…

So, we all know how much I love receiving parcels, right? The past month has been a bit of a bonanza in the mail department. First up, a sample of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions: Not really sure what to do with this, you know, other than have a coconut oil treatment in my hair, … Read more

So amongst all that overidulgence…

What has the ELTW household really been eating at home? Yes it’s true, the last month has been completely crazy for me – starting with parent-teacher interviews the week of Hallowe’en (I actually quite enjoy them but teach so many students that my timetable is always full meaning I am chatting with a different group … Read more