Getting creative with your leftovers

A guest post from Sandy at Strangling my Muse Last night, I found myself wondering if I could reheat my unused words and turn them into a new creative meal. This thought occurred to me while eating cold pizza with my husband, since we have no kitchen at the moment. I still possess bits and … Read more

The art of procrastination

I got this down to a fine art when completing my MA over the past 2 years. My friend Joy and I called it “regrouping” and it often involved shuffling papers from one place to another, phoning each other for long periods of time (she lives in England, the phone companies loved us for those … Read more

A few of my favourite things…

Welcome to the blog I have created as part of my online blogging course through In this blog you might read about the following: Places I go. Foods I see. Food I eat (especially when I travel!) Food that I cook (check out the beginner’s luck with the macarons I made recently! This will … Read more