BLT challenge hots up….

Ok, so we’ve planted the plants for the BLT challenge. We have even convinced friends to plant the arugula for the “greens”. Neil has ordered the pork belly from our local organic butcher – Rowe Farms. I ordered the curing salts. Today the kosher salts arrived for the curing. Cleo is VERY interested:


Dear Dad, Since mum’s away this weekend and you’re in charge, I just thought I would remind you that, like the two of you, I like to eat. And just in case you forget, the food is kept in this cupboard: This one… Yup, that’s the right one!

Eat, drink, sleep, repeat.

Cleo really is a huge part of our lives and just like her mum and dad, she loves all things food and drink related (especially people food and drink) as well as a nap every now and then. She actually had her own blog a couple of years ago when I was in Paris for … Read more