A few of my favourite things…

Welcome to the blog I have created as part of my online blogging course through writers.com.

In this blog you might read about the following:

Places I go.

Foods I see.

Food I eat (especially when I travel!)

Food that I cook (check out the beginner’s luck with the macarons I made recently! This will be an ongoing project….)

Silly signs I like to take photos of.


Writing. Here’s my MA thesis ready to be sent off to London. Come September, I will be enrolled in a part-time PhD at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education so I am sure writing will play a big role in the next few years of my life (gulp! possibly six!)

And probably because I can’t help myself, my cat, Cleo Mimi Cat (aka Yoga Cat).

4 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things…”

  1. so glad to see you blogging again! you know i love your photos. off to add you to my google reader. 🙂

  2. I love the picture of the fruit baskets! So beautiful! And could you please bring me some of those macaroons to our girls weekend?

  3. I love the photo of moi! Now if THAT’S not a typical “Neil” shot [enjoying a pint], I don’t know what it…


  4. I love the picture of moi!

    Now if THAT isn’t a typical “Neil” pic [enjoying a pint], I don’t know what is… 😉


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