The art of procrastination

I got this down to a fine art when completing my MA over the past 2 years. My friend Joy and I called it “regrouping” and it often involved shuffling papers from one place to another, phoning each other for long periods of time (she lives in England, the phone companies loved us for those years!), surfing the internet etc… In any case, I mustn’t have been too bad since I completed the degree (with a Merit no less) but I am still prone to picking up the procrastination bug.

By chance, I seem to have found some similar souls in my blogging class. No offense Sandy and Carrie but had I “known” you when I was doing my MA, there would have been way more procrastinating taking place!!

Sandy writes a thoughtful and amusing blog called Strangling my Muse and recently posted a whole variety of ways to put off that writing you are supposed to be doing!

Carrie writes the hilarious KablooeyQuest – a mission she has set for herself to spend a year devoting time every day to creative writing… She also likes bacon…. Check out her blog for a selection of excellent excuses as well as some “first lines” from books she has not yet written…

I guess we all deal with “writers’ block” or simple procrastinating in different ways but as our tutor Amanda says, the hardest thing about any writing is simply getting down and doing it. I am glad to see we three are making our way over that hurdle….

3 thoughts on “The art of procrastination”

  1. I love you. And bacon. Mmmm, bacon. And ask Neil again how the peaches were. I ponied up the $$$ for one of those donut peaches once but it disappointed me. (Peaches aren't supposed to crunch, right? Maybe it could've ripened a wee bit more.) Anyway, thanks again for the mention of K a b l o o e y.

  2. The peaches were a treat, actually. Sweeter than most, and it's true – less fuzz.

    It was soft and luscious..but I must admit, I DO like my peaches to crunch as well. Especially nectarines.

    There are times when it's glorious for fruit to ooze (I still have fond memories of a fresh ripe mango, juices dripping down a hotel balcony in Flores, Guatemala) – but others where the convenience and tooth test is equally pleasurable.

    But can we mention the complete annoyance with stickers on fruits and veggies, everyone?

  3. The beauty of my series of recent posts is that, while you CAN use them to put off important things you're supposed to be doing, they also all inspire some form of creative activity. Hence, there should be no guilt, right?!

    Thanks for the mention here and in your next post also!


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