Tomatillo and chicken stew

(ok, ok, after yesterday’s post which apparently grossed people out, we’re back to pretty and yummy!) Last week, these arrived in our organic box: I have never cooked with a tomatillo before but the beauty of receiving local products every fortnight is that other food writers, bloggers and cooks are out there cooking with the … Read more

Tuscan tomato soup

As part of last weekend’s Keep it Local challenge meal, I used the last of our tomatoes up to make this wonderfully simple but tasty soup. A very rag-tag bunch they were too… I picked up some local carrots from Rowe Farms to include also. Local onions from last week’s organic delivery were also needing … Read more

Keep it Local challenge meal 4

For this week’s local challenge, I had a few vegetables to use up from last week’s organic delivery box – Chinese eggplant and yellow zucchini (both from local Ontario farms). I paired this with some patty pan squash and cremini mushrooms I found at Rowe Farms with the intention of grilling them. Even sizing to … Read more

Is it mashed potatoes…?

Nope – inspired by this wonderful cheddar cauliflower from our organic box delivery last week (picture not digitally enhanced) and a recipe from The Duo Dishes, I served this up to Neil the other night. I used some fresh rosemary from our garden and the tomme cheese I made last week’s Keep it Local Challenge … Read more

Keeping it Local, Week 3

For this week’s Keep it Local Challenge meal, we had a glut of produce to choose from after our organics delivery on Friday – amongst it, shallots and potatoes from August’s Harvest in Stratford, Ontario and yellow peppers from Dolway Organic Garden in the Thames River Valley. Also, some beautiful tomatoes from our friends’ back … Read more

They say it takes a village to raise a child…

I say it takes a city to make a BLT from scratch… Earlier this summer, I read about Michael Ruhlman’s challenge to make our own bacon, bread and mayonnaise and grow tomatoes and greens to make a BLT from scratch. We started out just thinking about it: We planted a tomato plant: Bought a pork … Read more