Is it mashed potatoes…?

Nope – inspired by this wonderful cheddar cauliflower from our organic box delivery last week (picture not digitally enhanced)

and a recipe from The Duo Dishes, I served this up to Neil the other night. I used some fresh rosemary from our garden and the tomme cheese I made last week’s Keep it Local Challenge meal with. Neil doesn’t like cauliflower and he said this was really good, so I consider this a success! Thanks Duo Dishes for the inspiration!

Mashed cheddar cauliflower
– Serves 2

1 small head cheddar cauliflower, stalk removed and florets separated
about 2 ounces tomme cheese, shredded
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, minced
kosher salt and pepper to taste

Cook cauliflower florets in boiling water until tender to the touch of a fork. Cool slightly and mash with a fork or potato masher. Add butter and rosemary. Whilst mash is still warm, add in the grated cheese and salt/pepper.


20 thoughts on “Is it mashed potatoes…?”

  1. Oh, yum — that looks good. Although when I've tried to mash cauliflower it always seems grainy, not creamy at all. I, however, love cauliflower, after hating it my whole childhood, of course. And when I'm "eating healthily/dieting" I use it like one would tofu, adding it to spicy curries to pad them out, adding to my meager cup of pasta, etc.

  2. Kablooey – it's the butter and/or cream that makes it creamy! Use more!!!

    Spamwise – so simple yet so yummy!

    Andrea – thanks – it was gorgeous!

    Rebecca – thanks for stopping by!

    Divina – you're welcome!

    Penny – yes!

    April – thanks!

    Mary – Absolutely.

  3. Glad you enjoyed. This recipe could surely convince any cauliflower hater that they are, in fact, not so bad. Never heard of cheddar cauli before. What a color. Delicious!

  4. Duo -thank YOU for the original idea!!!

    Table talk – a wonderful way to incorporate more veggies in your kids' diet…

  5. Kablooey… totally agree about using cauliflower like tofu. I do it with chickpea curry frequently.

    Great post, eattravelwrite- what a delicious-looking color!

  6. Simply life – thanks. Neil thought it was potatoes too!

    Chickenless – cauliflower is great to use like tofu, I agree!

  7. Following on Table Talk's comment about getting kids to eat vegies. My young upbringing was in Holland where a favourite dish (if my Dutch holds good) is Stampot. This is fundamentally mashed everything, principally potatoes with veg…
    Anyway, the point is this. My mother, in order to get me to eat, would put a large dollop of stampot (pron stum pot) onto a plate, then hollow out a centre and fill that with gravy…. and then (what a dumbo, I was) tell me to see if I could eat all the mash before the gravy escaped… hmmm. It did work though…
    Great looking dish ELTW…

  8. 5 Star – you DO need to try this – it can be made in around 10 minutes!

    Geoff (dad) – "eat all the mah before the gravy escaped"!!! Uh, DUH!!! Well the addition of the cheese made Neil eat all his "mash"!!


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