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Butter cover on eatlivetravelwrite.comA book by Dorie Greenspan, all about butter? Sign me up! But not just any book about butter – a Short Stack Edition!

Short Stack is a series of small-format, single-subject cookbook booklets by America’s top culinary talents. Each edition offers “ingenious new ways to cook our favorite ingredients” and contains 20 to 25 recipes (both sweet to savory for all meals of the day).  Launched in 2013, Short Stack Editions published its first three volumes through the success of a Kickstarter campaign and currently publish six titles every year. The booklets are adorable (great covers, to start with!), practical and affordable.

Dorie’s Butter (on sale November 7th 2017) aims to teach us “all the way butter enhances our food” with a mix of “homey” and “exotic” recipes. There are Butter Basics and the recipes are divided into Nibbles & Snacks (including the most excellent “Bread & Chocolate” which is toasted bread topped with butter and chocolate which is slightly melted), Light Stuff, Mains, Go-Alongs (vegetables, buttermilk biscuits and the galette you’ll see below) and Sweets (ranging from Butter Cookies to a French Chocolate Tart). The recipes are short and feel very approachable, perhaps because there are no fancy food photos, just great recipes using simple ingredients. Also, there’s something about the whole look of the book that helps these recipes feel do-able. From the bright cover to the bright blue pages (yes, really!) to the fact that there are no photos, just some lovely simple line drawings, the whole package is a delight to read and cook from. And I mean, now I have one of the Short Stack Editions, I feel it needs some friends, right? They look like the perfect addition to any food-lover’s Christmas stocking. Just saying…

From Butter, I was curious to try out the Butter-Browned Onion Galette where the butter turns the onions deep golden brown and gives them a sweet caramel flavour and (like all of Dorie’s recipes) it didn’t disappoint!

Dorie Greenspan Butter Browned Galette on eatlivetravelwrite.comI used thyme instead of rosemary since that’s what I have an abundance of in my herb garden right now and it was a perfect combination. This is such a simple dish – basically, Dorie’s Sweet & Savory Butter Crust (so versatile for any recipe!) topped with onions you’ve caramelised for well over an hour (the recipe says 40 minutes but also says not to rush it and I guess it depends on your pan, how thinly you slice your onions etc..) which are mixed with a little grated Parmesan. So simple, so flavourful. We paired this with steamed greens for a simple Sunday night dinner but I can see this being a fabulous addition to any holiday table – vegetarians (and non-vegetarians alike) will thank you!

Butter cover on eatlivetravelwrite.com


Love butter? Buy Dorie Greenspan’s Butter on the Short Stack Editions website. or on Amazon.

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  1. Loved this galette. Nice and sweet…it was *almost* a dessert!

    Paired fairly well with a rose from Tavel to stay on with the bright theme. 😉


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