French Fridays with Dorie: Simplest Breton Fish Soup

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Ah 2015. The year the French Fridays with Dorie group will finish cooking our way through Around my French Table. The year when apparently the next 6 weeks are full of fishy recipes (literally!). Hint – if you are cooking your way through a cookbook with a group – try to choose a selection of recipes at the start that you don’t want to be “stuck with” at the end. We seem to have endless amounts of fish recipes left to cook. So Mr Neil will be a happy camper (and so will Cleo!).

I’m writing this at the train station in Bordeaux (yes – ON FRIDAY – so unlike me!) and am thankful I made this a few days before we headed to France. It was, indeed, a simple soup (I omitted the mussels as I knew Neil wouldn’t be eating this on the day I made it and didn’t think they would do well re-heated) and even I tried and liked it. In fact, thinking about the excesses of the season past, it might not be a bad soup to make a big pot of for the first few days of January. It’s got white fish, potatoes, celery, leek, garlic and shallots (and mussels if you like). There was an optional vinaigrette which I didn’t have time to make but which I will next time – it’s a Dijon, shallot and white wine vinaigrette which I think would really add some punch). A simple soup, yes. But tasty – even for non fish-lovers like me – I can do white fish like cod and I never think to make a soup – so it might even be a re-do sometime soon.

Happy New Year!

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Simplest Breton Fish Soup on p 96 of Around my French Table or here.

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13 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Simplest Breton Fish Soup”

  1. Safe travels!
    I enjoyed this more than i thought I would and it was a welcome dish after all the heavy foods of the holiday. Do try it with the vinaigrette – it makes a difference.
    The next few weeks are going to be rough on you, my friend. Hang in there!

  2. I also enjoyed this much more than I thought! We ate ours for New Years Eve and it was a delicious way to welcome in the New Year! I didn’t make the vinaigrette either…but I loved this
    soup, so next time I’ll give the vinaigrette a try! Happy New Year and safe travels!

  3. I inherited a taste for soup from my late father. He could eat hot soup on the hottest of days down under. And, I think he’d have loved this soup.

  4. Wow, Mardi, you are coming around on the fish front. I’m glad you actually liked this one. Note that the next 6 weeks are ALL fishy. There’s a dessert in there, just for you. Happy New Year to you, my friend. If you are still en route to home, I wish you a safe journey.

  5. I’m glad we started off with one that worked with you, since there will be a whole lot of fish going on! I’m looking forward to trying this one, as it sounds like the kind of broth I love.

  6. Maybe that was my problem, I made this recipe BEFORE the holidays, when I was still craving excess! I should have made it after the holidays because now I’m craving simple foods.

  7. Half a recipe of this soup made a lot for me. My husband liked it the second day better. I did make the vinegar recipe which I used and enjoyed but my husband did not. We seemed to not have agreed on anything with this fish soup. Hope you enjoyed your time in Paris.

  8. Hopefully you will let us all know about your trip to France – knowing that upon your return you’ve been busy (and, probably jet-lagged) getting the new year started at school. No rest for the wicked, Mardi! I don’t think that Dorie is ever going to turn you into a fish lover, is she? But, goodness gracious, it has been fun to cook and bake with you the past four years. On to the next adventure.

  9. It’s a nice surprise that you liked this. We thought it was good, though did have the mussels as we really like them, and then I ended up adding some scallops – because I didn’t buy enough cod. I also really liked the vinaigrette with it to add a bit. Welcome back!! And Happy New Year.


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