French Fridays with Dorie: Bubble top brioche

I’m actually a little in shock.  After finding out earlier in the week that this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe was Bubble Top Brioche (pp 496-497), I approached the task with great trepidation – bready, yeasty things and I not generally being the best of friends.  Having arrived back from the West Coast late Tuesday night and still being in a fog of traveller’s fatigue, I made sure to follow the recipe to a T.  Dorie’s instructions are very descriptive (even down to telling you that you will have a “shaggy” looking dough at one point but I realised that I actually have no idea what a brioche should look like at any stage except for the one just before it hits my mouth.

Following the instructions worked out it seems, though the recipe does call for a double rise with the second half being in the fridge – this did not take as long as it said – the “active” part of the rising seemed to be done after just over an hour so I covered it in plastic and left it to rest overnight.  The following afternoon, I buttered eight muffin tins (I halved the recipe) and rolled the dough into tiny balls , tucking them in the muffin cups and leaving them to rise for nearly 2 hours.

After 10 minutes in the oven (20 in total), I covered the tops of the already puffy brioches with foil as they were browning rather quickly and I didn’t want them to  burn.  After 20 minutes, I pulled them from the oven, let them sit in the muffin tins for a few minutes and then ripped into one – because I know sometimes these things look amazing but the insides are all wrong.

But this time, I was spot on:

Puffy AND fluffy!  Thanks Dorie for renewing my confidence in baking bread-type things – I might just be convinced to make these again 🙂

Get the recipe for Dorie’s Bubble Top Brioche here.

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73 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Bubble top brioche”

  1. Great work, Mardi.
    If 2011 was the year of the macaron & meat, maybe 2012 can be the year of yeast? You conquered the other two so well, I am certain that you and the yeasty things could quickly become friends.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. They look fantastic! This is my second time trying brioche and Dorie’s recipe is fabulous. I’ll be doing the loaves soon based on the great results with these rolls.

  3. Beautiful! I think that the more yeasty things you make, the less intimidating they become. Not that they won’t go wrong, but it’s less scary at the outset. I’m glad these worked out for you! they look wonderful.

  4. Yours looks great. I love the even browning of your brioches 🙂 I love the buttery flavor of these brioches and shall make them again soon 🙂

  5. Yay, I’m so happy these worked out for you. What a great way to start off the year. I probably should have covered mine with foil sooner than I did since my top came out quite crusty. Live and learn!

  6. I have to say, these were pretty much perfect!

    Fresh one out of the oven, then served one for breakfast this morn (avec some of the famous jam from the Alsace).

    I paired with cafe latte. 🙂

  7. I love that you’ve stuck through this. I bought the book some time ago & I’ve yet to cook anything from it. This might be the kick in the pants I needed!

  8. These look delicious. Buttery brioche is just so good

    I have been experimenting with bread baking quite a bit of late. Knowing for sure if bread was cooked perplexed me a little. I found using an instant read thermometer useful (i did this for loaves and am not sure if it would work so well for rolls)
    Soft, breads with butters and or eggs are done baking when the internal temperature is around 180-190 degrees. Drier breads will be done between 200-210 degrees inside.

  9. I hope you are still patting yourself on the back Mardi! Congratulations, they look amazing. I’m making Sourdough Bread starter for the first time and anxious to see if I can make Sourdough Bread from it this week. If my Sourdough turns out half as well as your Brioche I’ll be dancing!

  10. Yeasty things always seem scary at the outset and magical at the end, as you proved. I like Cher’s idea of 2012 as Year of Yeast. Can’t wait to try again.

  11. Awesome stunning photos – and love those fun plates ! I had such a similiar reaction – love brioche but did not think there was any way I would pull this off. I was also reading Dorie’s instructions down to the t and looking for “shagginess” ….which is of course what I found in that bowl. I also ended up tenting the foil. Love those step by steps. What I was unprepared for was how utterly amazing these little guys actually tasted. Oh my. But I don’t have to tell you. A keeper for sure. Great job !!

  12. Really beautiful – wish I still had some left! I was amazed at how easy they were to make as I had some trepidation also, and maybe a few choice words when I first saw that the first recipe of 2012 was brioche. It ended up being a great recipe to start 2012FFWD and one that was successful!

  13. ahhh!! great job! mine just came out of the oven, the post will go up just a few hours from now, and they were not as perfectly bubbly as Dories, but look like yours and many others so as soon as they cool, I hope they are puffy and fluffy too! Great job! I just wish I could fill the inside with some delicious fillings like the ones I get at the pastry shop in town! 🙂


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