French Fridays with Dorie: Broth-braised potatoes

This Friday’s French Fridays with Dorie will be short and sweet.  Broth Braised potatoes (page 358) is what I generally do when I boil new potatoes anyway – instead of using plain water, these potatoes are boiled in a broth, enhanced with garlic, lemon zest, bay leaves, rosemary, sage and thyme.  A couple of simple additions to an already simple dish that elevate from the ranks of “boring vegetables” to something a little more interesting.

That being said, these potatoes were just ok. Nothing really special.  They didn’t really take on much of the flavour of the broth which was a shame.  That said, the flavour of the broth itself was fabulous and next time, I might replace the broth with butter and fry them up in all those great flavours  to make some tasty home fries 😉

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38 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Broth-braised potatoes”

  1. I agree, the sauce smelled incredible, but really did nothing for the potatoes. I have made
    rice with chicken broth and it really adds a lot of flavor. At least we tried the recipe, and
    that’s the fun part.

  2. I felt the same way about the potatoes – so much potential with those great smells. I wonder if peeling the potatoes would have allowed the flavor to seep in better. I love the idea of using all the aromatics with butter for home fries.

  3. Everyone keeps talking about hash browns. Which is the first thing that is making me hungry after not being able to eat for three days…
    Your bowl of potatoes is pretty 🙂

  4. I added butter to the sauce at the end which gave it a nice flavor at the end. You’re right, I thought they would have had more flavor. But, we enjoyed them.

  5. Love the simplicity of potatoes. Fresh from the earth.

    I just read your from Australia?? I’ve been thinking of going there or New Zealand to work – but honestly I know very little about the countries (just what I’ve read). How do they compare to TO where you live now?

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