Kitchen Bootcamp 6: Dough and batter

For this month’s Kitchen Bootcamp, Jen challenged us to work with dough and batter.

After my foray into fried dough last week with the Daring Bakers doughnuts, I felt I didn’t want to work with anything too complicated like that.  I had also recently worked with pastry for French Fridays with Dorie’s mustard tart so so I was excited to see the chapter (36) included some recipes for cookies too.  I chose the Chocolate Chunk Cookies because I am always on the lookout for a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, though I still think that for nostalgia, nothing beats my mum’s version of  Toll House Cookies.

For this recipe, I used chunks of bittersweet chocolate that I roughly chopped with a chef’s knife – unfortunately, some of the pieces of chocolate were a little small though the cookies had their fair share of chunks, because I doubled the amount of chocolate the original recipe called for. I like a lot of chocolate in my cookie!

The recipe, comically, makes 12 dozen cookies (ahem) so I simply divided it down to a more reasonable 16 cookies.

I made freeform and rolled and cut cookies and have to say I preferred the freeform ones – more homestyle.

Were these the bet chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten? Sadly, no. But they are definitely worth working on. Neil and I really like chewy cookies and these were a little too crisp for our liking, though they did improve with age and were slightly more chewy the next day. The taste, however, was spot on – I loved the smaller and the larger chunks mixed in together.  I think next time I will experiment with less time in the oven and put them in airtight containers when they are still a little warm to ensure maximum chewiness.  In any case, it’s a great base recipe to have on hand.

In case you are wondering, yes, I made it through to Round 7 of Project Food Blog and am madly working on bringing a recipe to life through a video. Thank you all for your support and votes – look out for my video (my first! eeek!) sometime later this week!

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40 thoughts on “Kitchen Bootcamp 6: Dough and batter”

  1. 12 dozen cookies?! Who needs 12 dozen cookies?!? I mean, I’m sure I could find a use for them but we’re almost in bikini weather so this is just asking for trouble.

    I have a secret little joy with having to divide down recipes as it is MATHS IN ACTION! Those people who declare they they never need maths skills in everyday life are doomed to cookie baking failure. Sucked in, maths haters.

    Chunktastic Mardi. I’d do the truffle shuffle for some of these.

  2. These look really good.

    I am with you on the freeform cookies. I only ever roll mine out if I am going to be making something from them {like a cookie cake or homemade Oreos} or if they are getting the cookie cutter treatment.

  3. 16 cookies is ok… not 12 dozens! That is way too many…. unless they are super awesome. And yes, I think less a couple of minutes in the oven will do the trick!

  4. I love that this recipe makes 12 dozen cookies. You could open a bake shop between that and the delicious-looking macarons you make.

  5. Do you know how proud I am that you’ve made it this far? You are one of my favorite bloggers and I can’t wait to see what you do with your video.

    And I should add that these cookies look fantastic! Can’t go wrong with Chocolate Chunk!

  6. They may not be your fave but they sure do look pretty! Nothing beats a good classic chocolate chip cookie. And congrats on making it to another round! Can’t wait to see the video!

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  8. I actually love the fact that the originally recipe makes 12 dozen. I’m sure they freeze well and nothing like having a few chocolate chunk cookies always at the ready. These look delicious and I don’t think you can ever do any harm to this cookie by adding even more chocolate 😉


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