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It’s going to be a short, sweet French Fridays with Dorie post this week. I’m actually on vacation (well, trying to be, seems there’s always something, always an email to answer that can’t wait….) in the south of France with Neil and a couple of friends so I was extremely pleased to see that this week’s recipe was another “non-recipe” (tzatziki, p 24).

Perfect for whipping up after a day in the Camargue visiting the salt marshes.  It’s hot here so an apéro featuring Tavel rosé, “Chips au Roquefort” (yes, really and yes, they are as good as you think they would be) and this tzatziki hit the spot on our little rooftop terrace as we sat and listened to the cicadas singing. Life’s pretty good, yes.

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Of course, scrambling for these ingredients at the last minute meant that I couldn’t get my hands on fresh dill but fortunately our rental house is well stocked and I discovered dried dill in the pantry. I mixed it with a little olive oil and drizzled it on top of the tzatziki just before serving. It wasn’t as good as fresh dill but it did the trick!

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Cheers! I can’t wait til next week when duck is on the menu – now THAT should be quite the adventure. Mr Neil is also looking forward to it, being the only duck lover in the house right now (I will eat it but it’s not my favourite meat, though I am learning to cook it pretty well).

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15 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Tzatziki”

  1. Using dried dill oil is the way to do it when the fresh is not easily available Mardi, I had a hard time finding the fresh herbs. I think chips au roquefort sound sensational, and would love to try those flavors with this tzatziki! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Oooo Chips au Roquefort! That sounds like the perfect accompaniment. You know, aside from being in France and with all the great company 🙂

  3. Stopped by your site after seeing your comment on Ann Mah’s site .. the minute I saw that cool, refreshing bottle of Tavel Rose I was hooked! Nice post! Aloha from Kauai !

  4. Ack, I’m nervous for the duck recipe for next week… I’m not sure if it’s something we can even afford to buy right now and while the last one was good, I’m not a fan of the gamey taste.

    Your tzatziki looks fantastic with those drops of olive oil on top as well! Lucky you, France!! 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

  5. Oh you are so loyal and disciplined – to stay the course even on vacation. I think I could even manage this one with my crazy schedule. Love the pairing with the roquefort chips and aaahhh – a French Rose – not sure summer gets any better. Wish I was sizzling in the sun in France with you! Enjoy!

  6. Oh Mardi – it all sounds and looks amazing. Cheers and enjoy every moment !!!! I just made it through the first two pages of your flickr feed and loved what you shared- I will go back in later this week when I have more time to savor the shots. Kudos for getting it all labeled- it was all I could do to upload the photos and get them in the “sets” 🙂 I had to chuckle because your pin/red wine shots reminded me of how I love to order a Monaco instead of a Kir sometimes in the late afternoon. I only learned when I got home that it is like ordering a Shirley Temple and only high schoolers usually do this. Oh well, my sweet tooth gets me in trouble again. At least I felt glamorous enjoying my beer with the grenadine !! PS- Meant to tell you that Nana and I had a lousy trip OVER there and were delayed much like you were. Our plane was delayed 3 + hours on the tarmac before we left Philadelphia and they had to make us deplane—after waiting so long for the trip, Nana and I joked that we were not getting off the plane. So fun to see the sites YOU are now enjoying. I will need to add the salt area to my bucket list- at least I picked up a lot to take home when at Auchon !!!

  7. Seems they didn’t wake the driver from his wee nap, so I missed out on the crisps, tzatziki AND the bottle of Tavel that I purchased.



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