Les Petits Chefs make healthy brown rice muffins

Last week in cooking club, my petits chefs helped me test one more recipe from my generous IFBC sponsor, USA Rice.

I had been intrigued by the “Bountiful Brown Rice Muffins” ever since I saw the recipe and since I am always looking for healthy recipes the boys might be able (and want) to make themselves at home, I figured it was worth a go.

Surprisingly, noone balked at using rice in a sweet treat – I explained that it was a little bit like using oats in muffins or cookies and they were satisfied. They really are a bunch of open-minded little boys, I am so proud of them!

We’ve had a few new faces join the club after Term 1 sports finished and instead of it being more chaotic, it’s actually lovely. With the muffins, I had four different stations on the go and the boys just worked away at their tasks.  I try to be fair and make sure the same people aren’t always doing the zesting (for example) though Ritvik and Marcel were quite enamoured with the idea of using the Microplane again.  And yes, there were questions about why we weren’t using the Magic Bullet to chop the walnuts.

The disappointment about not using the Bullet quickly subsided when the electric beaters came out. Much excitement. Really? I should just  bring these gadgets into the classroom for added fun in French!   Some of the simplest things make these kids happy 🙂

We added a few more raspberries than the recipe called for.

Craziness ensued when it came time to fill the muffin pans..


Surprisingly delicious!  And this is not just me saying it – I handed leftovers to four staff members who enjoyed them hot out of the oven.  I froze mine for a couple of days and then reheated in a slow oven and they were delicious then as well.  The boys gobbled them up I hear. And apparently “you couldn’t even tell they were healthy”. So I would say that’s a resounding success, huh?

I am thrilled to announce I have made it to Round 8 of Project Food Blog. I am one of 24 people left from an original 600 contestants.  Thank you all for reading and voting (and watching my video!) – my next post (getting creative with baked goods featuring pumpkin) will be up next Sunday.

27 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs make healthy brown rice muffins”

  1. Bravo! My little chefs are helping me make an apple tart! Your kids are really developing some nice culinary schools! They will remember you forever!

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  3. I love brown rice! Admittedly it has taken me a while to get used to it but now I can’t get enough!

    Congrats on making it through to the eight round!

  4. Once again another great idea. I certainly never would have thought of putting brown rice into a muffin. Your class must adore you, they are all such happy little chefs.


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