A letter to Food Network Canada

A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, I noticed a tweet from @FoodNetworkCA about blogging for the Food Network Canada.  I headed on over to the site to read the announcement and have been working on my 300 word submission on and off since then.

300 words is short and I hope I have done myself justice but here are some reasons why I think it’s a match made in heaven…

I would be an excellentFood Network Canada blogger because in the last 9 months, I have proved I am able to blog about a variety of topics and engage my readers. Remember when I …

went on a macaron hunt in Sydney?

hosted a Lao cooking party?

made BLTs from scratch?

was nominated for Best New Blog at the Foodbuzz First Annual Blogger Festival?

won a trip to San Francisco for my Bertolli menu item and demoed it live in the Bertolli Sauces kitchen?

turned a visit to a museum in Montreal into a foodie experience?

was a Foodbuzz Foodie Correspondent at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo in Toronto?

wrote up Jamie Oliver’s appearance in Toronto?

learned all about rice?

celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a Morroccan meal in Paris?

learned how to taste wine in Paris?

learned how to make macarons in Paris?

worked in the Electrolux kitchens at ArtHome Paris?

previewed Extreme Cuisine, now showing on Food Network Canada?

Started my boys’ cooking club at school?

Obviously, I am a keen Food Network Canada viewer but I am also active in my own kitchen and love to cover food-related events. I am half-way through the Food and the Media Certificate at George Brown College here in Toronto, so I will continue to refine my photography and writing skills over the course of the next year.  To put it simply, Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite and Food Newtork Canada go together like wine and cheese! Pick me!

95 thoughts on “A letter to Food Network Canada”

  1. Oh I wish I could influence their decision! Gimme their address, I’ll send them a foodie exchange parcel as a sweetener 😀

    Actually, I don’t think they need a sweetener, as having you on their books will be sweet enough (all together now… “awwwwwwwwww”)

  2. I’ve got a good feeling about this… I bet you get it, and they’ll be as lucky as we’ve all been. Just remember us when you’re the foodie equivalent of Oprah, OK? You’re readers? We’re Gail. Best of luck!

  3. In your list of qualifications, you neglected to mention that you could be equally creative and expressive in French! Perhaps it would be of benefit to embrace this ability and extend the literary, Food Network horizon.

  4. It’s like Tea and scones… you two would just mesh together so nicely. I wish you luck, they’d be nuts not to take you!
    Bonne chance ma belle.

  5. Of course you should get it! Not only is your blog great but any food events that you put on are amazing!!!! The proof is in the pudding!!

  6. Yes Mardi, The new look is great. The food journey you have taken us on and what you have accomplished in such a short time you certainly
    are the perfect candidate. Good luck xxx.

  7. Fingers crossed and rooting for you! The world needs more Mardi and eatlivetravelwrite. The Food Network would be a perfect match! Your food adventures and blog are my fave.

  8. Good luck! That would be an awesome opportunity!

    Btw, I haven’t been getting any updates on my feed subscription for your blog in a while. I will try to re-subscribe & hopefully it’ll be fixed.

  9. Mardi, you would be the best choice ever! I never know which will be better- coming over to enjoy your creations in person or reading your views on the creations of others. Whichever it may be for me, the rest of the Foodnetwork world should not be deprived of you!

  10. Seriously, they should just hire you already! I don’t need to be convinced — I already know what a good egg they’re getting. 🙂 I’ve learned so much from your writing and experiences. Good luck!

  11. Mardi, I’m a big fan of Food Network Canada and I’m on their website many times throughout the day, I always read their blogs and I think you would be a perfect fit for them, I wish you all the best. Those were some very encouraging words from Catherine (CJ) as well, way to go!!

  12. WOW Mardi! What a year in food you have had! I love your experiences because it opens up all new things food to me. But my favorites, if I may say, was the BLT from scratch and your deconstructed pesto pizza. You have a heart and mind full of food and Food Network Canada would be insane not to bring them into their family.


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