Macaron hunt – Zumbo (Balmain, Sydney)

Googling around to see if I could locate macarons in Sydney, I came across this charming post. I felt I owed it to my mum to make sure she tasted real macarons before she sets off on her quest to improve on the last batch we made

So off we headed to trendy Balmain, in search of Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie.

A tiny, narrow corridor of a shop, its location was immediately evident, due to the huge queue of people outside. Little did I know, Adriano had recently appeared on an episode of Australia’s first Masterchef show. Ah-ha. Hence the queue. A first glimpse inside revealed a whimsical decor:

Outside we read the testaments to his talent:

As we inched down the line, the pastry delights unfolded before our eyes:

Eventually pastries gave way to tarts:

Soon came the moment we had been waiting for. Way down in the back of the store, the brightly coloured macarons beckoned:

We bought one of each flavour! (of course!)

Verdict: Well worth the trip to Balmain (well, if you are in Sydney!) and the short wait.

We LOVED the pine nut, the pistachio, the caramel, the passion fruit and the blackcurrant ones. The pear and chestnut wasn’t sweet enough for our sweet teeth but certainly they were all examples of how a macaron should be – light and crispy on the outside and meltingly soft on the inside…

4 thoughts on “Macaron hunt – Zumbo (Balmain, Sydney)”

  1. too funny that this post went up today – i was just wondering this morning as i checked the blog where you'd taken the lovely header photo. i laughed out loud then when i scrolled down and saw it. how i wish i could try these lovely looking macarons! someday . . .

  2. youve got the zumbo bug, mardi! thanks for the sweet words, ill have to ask you to where to go if i ever get to toronto. hope you had a great trip x a

  3. Oh man, those pastries look good. I would like a chocolate croissant, an almond croissant and one of the berry brioches, please. Mmmmm.


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