I’m so excited…

(and I just can’t hide it… c’mon! you know you were singing along in your head….)

Eat, live, travel, write is a finalist in the Best New Blog category at the first annual Foodbuzz Food Blogger Awards to be held in November! You can see the entire list of nominees here as well as the link to the voting.

We here at the ELTW household were very excited:

I wish I could say Cleo did that especially because she was excited about her mum’s nomination but she actually does the “roly poly” every day when someone comes home (so, multiple times a day!).

So, no, we didn’t roll around the floor with excitement. We cooked.

Local shallots:

Cooked in butter and red wine.

Ummm…. IS there anything better?

This is a local Kabocha squash that came in last week’s organic box.

Cooked and mashed with (that’s right!) butter and parmesan.

Served with:

Local fingerling potatoes. Check out how tiny some of them are!!! (errr, yes, these were also fried in olive oil and liberally sprinkled with sea salt…).

And a flat iron steak from Rowe Farms – barbecued to perfection by Grill Master Neil

Now does that say autumn or what??? (Actually I suppose it says “Fall” to many of you…). A wonderful celebration of the season.

In any case, I digress – thanks so much to those of you who nominated me. Since I have only been at this blogging since the end of May, I am completely stunned! Thanks to my blogging new media teachers, Amanda and Mike for setting me on the right path in the first place! I might become the writers.com poster child yet!!!

37 thoughts on “I’m so excited…”

  1. Congratulations on your much deserved nomination. How exciting is that!

    Love a good flat iron steak. You can't beat that cut for flavor and tenderness.

  2. Thanks everyone – I still can't quite believe it! And yes, the squash was great – though anything with cheese and butter is!!!

  3. Totally deserved it. Learnt so much from the blog. Please continue what you are doing! More stories and more lovely food. 🙂

  4. Hi!
    This is my first visit on your blog. Saw it on Foodbuzz. Congrats!!!
    Hmm, Kabocha squash, I just had the most wonderul Kabocha squash stew in a resto and tried to make something similar to it at home. It's a wonderful veg! was my first time as weel with that one 🙂
    Good luck with the voting!

  5. Mardi: CONGRATS AGAIN and let the voting begin. Can we power vote? The other blogs look nice, but I think you've got a good shot! And yes, it is cool just to be nominated — you JUST STARTED this and you are right up there. Put that rectangle up on your blog; you deserve it.

  6. Congrats on being a finalist. Well deserved!

    And thanks for whetting my appetite for fall with kabocha squash. I can never get enough of that wonderful, starchy, sweet squash.

  7. Kablooey, Chris, Carolyn – thanks so much!!! Appreciate the support more than you can imagine!

  8. YAY YAY YAY! Congratulations. You so deserve this nomination…I'm really, really happy for you. Not only is your blog great, but you read others' work and cultivate a true sense of community. You rock!

  9. Congratulations on the nomination! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day as well. I'm so happy to be nominated in the same category as you- best of luck!!

  10. Megan – thanks so much! (and I do try to participate as much as time will allow!)

    Bali Beach Bunny – thanks!

    Tokyo Terrace – good luck to you too!


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