Lamingtons. A tutorial.


Lamington. Noun. A cake confection made by covering a cube of sponge cake in chocolate icing and desiccated coconut. [Apparently named after Lord Lamington, 1860-1940, Governor of Queensland, 1895-1901] Macquarie Dictionary, 4th Ed, 2005

Ah lamingtons. How I love thee! Your pound cake interior infused with the goodness of molten chocolate coating (butter, icing sugar and cocoa) and rolled in coconut – what could be better? Lamingtons are the iconic Australian cakes of my childhood, just so completely bad for you with absolutely no nutritional value but just SO GOOD!

Since we’re all suffering a bit of the January blues, I decided that in honour of Australia Day tomorrow – January 26th, I would bring some in to work. Last time I made them for my colleagues, they looked at them rather dubiously but once they had a bite, they were hooked!

I went the easy route and bought a pound cake which was rather too fresh to work properly. A stale pound cake works best since it will have less of a tendency to fall apart in the hot chocolate mixture.

You cut it up into the size cakes you want. I made smallish bite-sized ones.

Then you make your chocolate coating. I used 4 cups of icing sugar, 1/2 cup cocoa, 4tbsp unsalted butter and about 2/3 cup milk. I just heated this on the stovetop and whisked until it was smooth. The consistency was pretty runny but I find this makes for easier dipping! (no photos here because at this point you have to work quickly. The next few pics courtesy of Neil who was summoned from his office to partake in the blog post – thanks!)

Take a fork and quickly dip your cake square in the chocolate mixture. Remove it quickly so it doesn’t fall apart and toss it in the coconut.

And there you have it!

So easy but sooooo messy!

Not just your chopping board – your whole kitchen!

Whilst cleaning up, try to resist the temptation to dip a spoon in the chocolate and coat it with coconut… Go on – betcha can’t resist!

I refrigerate the lamingtons until the chocolate has set and they feel a little hard on the outside. I actually think they taste better the day after you make them.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for my entry in Delicious, Delicious, Delicious’s “Lamington Reinvented” challenge. It’s not what you’d expect!

26 thoughts on “Lamingtons. A tutorial.”

  1. I am looking forward to having one tomorrow.

    BUT…I HAVE had the preview of tomorrow's treat: and in fact I do not think Mardi will be surprising anyone… 😉

  2. Oh dear god, I've never heard of these. Not sure why as they look like they could become my favorite thing ever. Can't wait to try! Thanks, Mardi.

  3. Happy Australia Day Mardi. It's years since I made lamingtons, but it's just the kind of thing I like to get into. And yes, the mess in the kitchen is very familiar.

  4. I am in Australia right now – Sydney to be exact and am about to head out to enjoy Australia Day. I've heard a lot about these Lamingtons. Aussies do seem to love them but I've yet to try one. I'm leary but perhaps I will now after reading your post. They are EVERYWHERE here! I've noticed Aussies also really like their sweets. Sweet shops abound.


  5. Nicely done 🙂 Would you believe I rarely eat them, even on our national day?

    Happy Australia Day from down under!

  6. I've heard these are a national treasure in Australia, but wasn't quite sure what they were. Mmm, I can see why they are so popular. How fun that they are named for royalty, too.

  7. I LOVE YOU!

    Nobody else has been honest. Do you know how badly I wanted to post about the kitchen mess? I even took photos but was scared nobody would do the challenge with me if I did.

    Well done. Checking your entry right now!

  8. Oh my goodness! These look amazing! I had heard my Australian friends in Japan talk about these, but had never seen a recipe. OH YUM!!! This is dangerous knowledge to have!

  9. & better still, they are a Queensland invention (you know, the beautiful one day, perfect the next state!!). The lamo was invented by mistake at Govt House & last year as part of Qld 2009 150th birthday celebrations, they refurbished the kitchen into a cafe at old parliament house and gave away free lamingtons on Qld Day. July 21 is also National Lamington Day, but I think it should be every day (along with chocolate, Mardi?)

  10. I challenge your claim of no nutritional value. People eat chocolate when they're lost in the snow, right? And and… coconuts grow on trees! Plus cake is a food group so we're talking crazy nutrition. It's how us Aussies grow up so big and strong!

    The chocolate/coconut spoon should be served with each box of lamingtons.

  11. Penny – I always forget how much I love lamingtons until I make and eat them!

    Divina – I am SO messy in the kitchen!

    Neil – note I even saved some for you!

    Melanie – thanks!

    5 Star – oh it's a totally great project to do with kids!

    Trix – VERY addictive!

    Megan – yes, quite possibly one of my favourite things…

    Diana – thanks!

    Mum – the mess is all genetic, you know!

    Kitchen Butterfly – it's the BEST bite ever!

    Juls – it's SO messy, yes! But SO worth it!

    The Real Dish – thanks!

    Sippity Sup – oh you definitely need to go to Australia!

    Amber – you NEED to buy one!

    doggybloggy – thanks

    Jen – I wish I could send you some!

    Gourmantic – I never much ate them when I was an adult in Australia either…

    Carolyn – oh yes, they are iconic!

    Mr P – yup, if you had shown the lamington mess, I am sure noone would have entered!!

    Tami – Oh I might have to make them again in July!

    Conor – I think I could market the spoons!!!

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