To Australia, with love…

Happy Australia Day! To celebrate, I had an idea of combining this month’s Mactweets challenge which had a St Valentine’s Day theme and Mr P of Delicious, Delicious, Delicious“Reinvent the Lamington” challenge.

(Check yesterday’s post to find out what a lamington is and to see what I am bringing my colleagues in to work today.)

My idea was fairly simple. Chocolate macaron (following the recipe I received at my Macaron Masterclass in Paris) sandwiched with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting all sprinkled with coconut. All the flavours of a lamington, just a little more refined!

I had the customary glass of wine like I did last time – for good luck!

Going into the oven, I realised that I might have messed up the colouring ratios – they didn’t look quite dark enough. I do not have black colouring so was improvising – need to play with that next time. Why food colouring? Because cocoa will turn grey-ish when baked.

Coming out of the oven, there were some definite feet, but also some cracked tops:

But FEET, people! FEET!

The second tray apparently didn’t like waiting for the first tray to bake and many more of those cracked. However, this macaron graveyard was not quite as bad as this one, a couple of tries ago!

I mean, can you say TRIFLE? ETON MESS? I am sure I will find a use for those babies, no worries! I sandwiched them with vanilla frosting (icing sugar, butter and a drop of cream) and some raspberry jam…

Sprinkled some coconut on top and voilà: The macington. Happy Australia Day!

I liked the ones in the last photo because they look kind of tipsy. As one might on Australia Day, you know?

And if you really like the look of them, you could head on over to Peter’s site and vote for them (on the right sidebar).

38 thoughts on “To Australia, with love…”

  1. Very nice. You're getting better and better in doing this macaroons. Penny and I will visit you in Canada so you can give us lesson on how to make them. 😀

  2. NICE Mardi…I love your inspiration for these great macarons! Happy Australia Day!! And yes, the wine helps whichever way. I'm just rising from a double mac failure…but yeah Eton mess, trifle…all feature on my list!! At least you got some feet…I just got 1 FOOT!! LOL!! Thanks for playing along with MacTweets!!Yay for your macingtons!!

  3. This is brilliant! Happy Aussie day for Melbourne. At least you have tried and made so many and HAVE FEET!

    I have yet to bake my firsts….

  4. Beautiful! I have yet to enter the world of Macarons, but I hope to soon! I love the coconut on top- great addition!

  5. What a great idea – the spirit of lamington in a macaron! I'm one of many who have yet to venture into 'mac'world but you and others make it look so easy. 😎

  6. I love the creativity and the flavors! I'd eat a plateful! You put your heart and soul into your macs! Great great macs! So glad to have you on our team!

  7. We don't typically celebrate Australia Day here, but I'd be willing to start if it means a glass of wine and macarons! Yum!

  8. Macingtons! What a great idea. You seem to have mastered the macarons( I know you meant for a few to crack so you just HAD to eat them). The coconut looks yummy on top. Congrats. Happy Austraila Day.

  9. Mardi, I considered doing a sort of macaron for the challenge and I'm so glad I didn't because I couldn't have done it the justice you have. I love love these!

  10. Happy Australian Day! Such a great idea to combine macarons and lamingtons! And i think your macarons look awesome! :))

  11. Happy belated Australia Day. Those macs would have gone down a treat with the Oz Day lamb dinner. Ah well, just had to make do with a mars bar cheesecake…..

  12. What a nifty idea. My preferred dessert on Australia Day is always Pavlova anyway, so this is a great compromise. Yum!

  13. Divina – third time will be the real test!!!

    Neil – glad the wine group enjoyed them.

    Deeba – am LOVING being a part of Mactweets 🙂 And glad to know the macaron mistress has batches with no feet too!

    Mr P and Lorraine – thanks!

    Penny and Tokyo Terrace – you should join Mactweets too!

    Tangled Noodle – err.. you must not have seen my previous posts with the dismal failures I turned out!

    Jamie – thanks for having me!

    Trix – 🙂

    Cocina – it's still very much a work in progress!

    Jen – would love to share wine and macs with you sometime!

    high low, lululu, Sandra – thanks so much!

    Jennifer – glad you enjoyed them!

    Kablooey – you know me well enough to know that I won't rest until I am sure I can make them perfectly all the time!

    Fuji Mama – thanks!

    Duo – I still thin it's beginner's luck!

    FLB – I AM a Taurus, you know!

    Travel Eat Love – Thanks!

    Gourmantic – I AM Australian you know!

    Mum – thanks! I didn't make them crack on purpose – honest!

    Mae – Oh I am surprised that noone else made macs!!!

    5 Star and faithy – thanks 🙂

    Brian – You would LOVE them!

    Nina – you just have to work past the fear and bad luck and have a glass of wine and relax 😉

    Diana – we would love to have you in Mactweets!

    Kitchen Butterfly – I was so shocked to see them!

    Tami – hmmm…. Mars Bar cheesecake? Maybe I could make that into a mac?

    Silver Moon Dragon – I have never had much luck with Pavlovas either – maybe I should try them again?

  14. Right. Just got back from Melbourne today and madly trying to catch up on blog reading. It seems a terrifyingly insurmountable task. However, if there are such delights as these to ogle over, I think it will be a deliciously terrifying task. Just as well I have a huge pile of fresh Melbourne baklava to sustain me through it. Wish I has a huge pile of macingtons though. Sigh.

  15. Paris Breakfasts – oh you should definitely try!

    Conor – yes catching up on blog reading even after a few days can be a terrifying prospect, much improved with the addition of some tasty treats to tide you over. Baklava from Melbourne? I am jealous!!

    mamatkamal – thanks!


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