Keeping it Fresh

Augh – the dreaded leftover vegetables. You know them, the ones you buy a week before you go away because you think that you will cook some healthy meals with them in preparation for your food festival holiday. Yup, there they are: So what to do? Give them to the neighbour in a lame attempt … Read more

Guest post – K A B L O O E Y

Ladies and Gentleman: playing the role of Mardi in this evening’s performance of Eat, live, travel, write is K a b l o o e y. Should any among you want a refund, kindly… hey, HEY! Stop pushing and move in an orderly fashion to the box office window, and…Sir! That kind of behavior won’t…OW!!!! … Read more

Fiddleheads revisited…

A blog reader, Shelley who is originally from New Brunswick, emailed me the following information after reading my Fiddleheads post from a few weeks ago: “Being from New Brunswick this is one of the things that spring has in store – you pick them wild and take them home clean them up and then – … Read more