Chocolate Barquette cookies on a plate with a glass of milk.

Barquettes au chocolat – round 2!

Hello dear reader! Remember when I made those Barquettes au Chocolat and I named the post “Round 1”? And they looked and tasted great but weren’t quite the right shape? (you have to look closely but once you do, you’ll see my “barquettes” are oval and not “boat-shaped”) Well, I managed to get my hands … Read more

Crepes Suzette on a blue plate with strips of orange zest on top.

Crêpes Suzette for La Chandeleur

Need an excuse to eat crêpes today? Well here you go – it’s La Chandeleur in France! What is La Chandeleur? You might have thought the French eat crêpes on Mardi Gras, (Shrove Tuesday, what we call Pancake Tuesday) the day before Ash Wednesday, which signals the start of Lent. In fact, in France, crêpes … Read more