Five things I learned about life from Mairlyn Smith’s Peace, Love and Fibre.

Peace Love and Fibre cover on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis is part of my Summer Reads series where I’ll be reviewing a series of “not just cookbooks”.

It’s a given that you’re going to learn a lot about fibre and how to incorporate it in your diet so you lead a long and healthy life in Mairlyn Smith’s latest book, Peace, Love & Fibre, so I’m not even going to go there in today’s post. She already convinced a bunch of Petits Chefs to eat more fibre so if kids can, you can too. Just go buy the book!

No, instead, for today, I’m sharing some of the *other* info you can learn from this book. Life lessons.

Five things I learned about life from Mairlyn Smith’s Peace, Love and Fibre.

1. Use your good stuff

(as in, your mum or grandma’s china that is so often “just to look at”). Life’s too short to admire your good china or cutlery or glassware. Celebrate every day. As Mairlyn says “you can’t take your fancy china with you when you go!”

2. A healthy lifestyle is a journey

Mairlyn’s a big advocate for looking at “the big picture”. You can’t change your eating or exercise habits overnight so Mairlyn’s given us a list of a bunch of different ways we can work towards a healthier lifestyle and suggests choosing one new habit to work on per month. Her tips include: being kind, reducing stress and nurturing relationships along with food-related goals. So smart.

3. Dinner hour doesn’t have to be a nightmare

One of the biggest deterrents for people eating better during the week is time. So often I hear people saying “I don’t have time to cook” so they order takeout or eat fast food. While that’s a once-in-a-while perfectly acceptable option, there are ways to get a healthy dinner on the table during the week that don’t take long and Mairlyn’s there with some great ideas to show you how (pro-tip: a little organisation goes a long way!).

4. Treats are a part of life (so don’t cut them out!)

Mairlyn’s all about balance which I so appreciate. If you completely cut out a food group (treats are a food group, right?) you’ll only crave it more. So it makes sense to include them in moderation. If you’re a treat fan, you’re in luck because Mairlyn’s got a whole chapter of goodies for you – healthified with extra fibre and goodness. “Say yes to treats but remember to keep them for special occasions and enjoy every single bite with abandon”. Yes! Wondering how to make those treats “better for you”? There’s a whole section about the High Fibre Baking Pantry to help you bake better (basically, when in doubt, flaxseed, the “King of Fibre” is a great way to add a little fibre to many foods!).

5. Don’t skip breakfast

This is a true life lesson. Breakfast can set the tone for your day, set you up so you don’t snack mindlessly and get both your body and brain going in the morning. Breakfast can make you a happier person. If you’re pressed for time, Mairlyn’s got you covered with portable breakfasts you can eat on the go or at your desk, if you must. Breakfasting or brunching in a more leisurely fashion with friends on the weekend? There are tons of ideas for that too. And hey, your friends won’t even realise they are “healthier” versions of their morning favourites 😉 Happy friends, happy bodies! Win-win!

For more details on these life lessons – and SO many more, buy Peace, Love & Fibre!

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