Cookbook Book Club: Diana Henry’s “Simple”

Diana-Henry-Simple-Cover-Image-on-eatlivetravelwrite.comCookbook Book Club  is my once a month most months “cooking from the same cookbook” meal with Jan and  Jenn, and this month we cooked from Diana Henry’s Simple: Effortless food, big flavours.  We’re all super busy at the moment and the horrible winter weather had us craving a simple, flavourful meal. I’m loving this book (though I don’t have much time to spend with it right now, it’s on the top of my list for when I do… two weeks and counting!!!) as it’s divided into chapters featuring 12 everyday ingredient groups: chicken, chops, sausages, leg of lamb, fish, leaves, summer veg, winter veg, pasta, summer fruit, winter fruit, and flour and eggs. It’s a nice way of organising recipes and the recipes themselves are, well, simple 😉

Jenn didn’t have the book yet but found a perfect starter online – a salad of shaved radish, apple and fennel.

Diana Henry Shaved Apple Fennel and Radish salad on eatlivetravelwrite.comJenn added some feta as per Diana’s suggestion and it was a lovely fresh start to the meal. As I’ve been surrounded by butter, flour, sugar and eggs these past few months, I’m craving my greens! This hit the spot. Get the recipe for shaved radish, apple and fennel salad here.

Jan (who’s working on a “one pot/ one pan” cookbook of her own made one pot Parmesan roast chicken and cauliflower

Diana Henry One pot Parmesan roast chicken and cauliflower on eatlivetravelwrite.comOn a chilly Friday night after a long week, this was the perfect “no fuss” dinner.  Loved the combination of cauliflower (who ISN’T looking for ways to use up cauliflower in the winter?) and red onions with the potatoes and chicken. Perfectly comforting Friday night food. Get the recipe for Diana Henry’s one pot Parmesan roast chicken and cauliflower here.

I was on dessert duty and chose the dish based on the fact that I had raspberries needing to be used up in my fridge so I went for the raspberry yoghurt cake.

Diana Henry Raspberry Yoghurt Cake on eatlivetravelwrite.comWith a touch of lemon, this is a simple cake (actually it’s more like a pound cake than a classic yoghurt cake) studded with bright raspberries – a lovely winter dessert. Bright flavours and pretty to look at. Also, great for breakfast 😉 Get the recipe for Diana Henry’s Raspberry Yoghurt Cake here.

Not a fancy meal but a meal of the best kind – enjoyed with good friends, peppered with great conversation and lots of laughter. Literally soul-warming stuff.





Buy Diana Henry’s Simple on Amazon (this link should bring you to the Amazon store closest to you). Or for free worldwide shipping, buy from The Book Depository.




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