French Fridays: Sardine spread from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz sardine spread on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen was one I hadn’t been looking forward to to be quite honest… “sardine spread” doesn’t sound particularly appetising for a non-fish lover (I think sardines must be like the fishiest of all fishes!) but as I’m working my way through the book, I’m not going to skip out on a recipe just because I don’t like one ingredient. I mean, I’ve made so many fish dishes for French Fridays with Dorie already – including rillettes. Most commonly a dish made from pork where the meat is chopped up or cubed, then cooked until tender and mixed with a little bit of some sort of fat so it becomes a spread, rillettes is something I do like – in the pork version. A fishy version – not so much.

Back in 2012, we were supposed to make sardine rillettes but I messed up and accidentally made smoked salmon rillettes instead (you’ll have to read the post to see how I managed to do that!).  I also made tuna rillettes and another version of the salmon rillettes so I feel like I’ve done my fishy due diligence in the rillette department. And my neighbours and Neil have enjoyed the fruits of my labour!

This time, I dutifully made this dish – cream cheese, butter, sardines (canned so there’s no need to de-bone or cook, though our tin had tiny bones and  – ahem – I made Neil deal with them!), onions and some spices – photographed it and planned to give it to Neil for lunch that day (I made a tiny portion). He ended up being out and then wasn’t home for any meal after that and promptly went to Winnipeg for a conference. What to do? Offer it to our neighbour who happened to be cat sitting for me last weekend for a night. He is one of my main taste testers so i knew he would be up for it (and I left him 2 crème caramels that I am testing for my book as well!). He took all the offerings happily although since then I haven’t heard either way whether he liked it or not. I can tell you I tasted it and it tasted, well, fishy. Just like it’s supposed to taste! So this goes down as “Check – Another recipe down!” Because you can’t like everything, right? For those people who love sardines but not the fuss of de-boning them (though our can had tiny bones) or cooking them, this is a good option and a nice addition to an hors d’oeuvre selection.

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’ sardine spread here on p 78 of My Paris Kitchen.


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18 thoughts on “French Fridays: Sardine spread from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. Normally, we eat every part of the canned sardines ie bones and all! But I dutifully removed the brittle bones but used the chili oil my canned sardines came in. Boleh-lah (can lah) for quick and light dinner for me! Sorry that this was not your cup of tea, but your sardine spread looks great!

  2. I never made Dorie’s sardine rillettes so I was determined to make David’s spread. I served it with drinks to two girlfriends and they dove in and polished off the entire ‘two tins of sardines’.They also gave me a lecture about how healthy and nutritious sardines are for us. I eventually piled some spread on one cracker. Not bad.

  3. I always have tins of boneless, skinless sardines in the house because Jim loves his sardines.
    However, he likes this even better than plain so I better keep some cream cheese around too.
    I liked the rillettes when we made them for Dorie, David’s are a bit different but equally delicious.
    (Only if you like sardines)

  4. Haha, I knew from FFWD you weren’t looking forward to this one. That’s pretty funny overall and who would complain about getting sardine rillettes when it’s accompanied by crème caramel?!? I actually found mine to be too fishy, which isn’t typical for me with the brand of sardines I like, so there’s that. I preferred Dorie’s recipe in general, though this was good too.

  5. I’m glad you have some willing taste-testers to help you when fish comes up in the rotation. I’ve enjoyed all the fish rillettes I’ve made, but I’d be just as happy to have some pork rillettes.

  6. I was afraid that it would be too fishy, which is why I would not try it and I knew no one in the house would try it, good for you for attempting it. I look forward to hearing what your neighbor says about it, next you see him.


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