Les Petits Chefs make chicken and shrimp potstickers with Vanessa Yeung

Kids making potstickers on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week marked Vanessa Yeung‘s SEVENTH visit to work with les Petits Chefs (see below for a list of all the other dishes she’s made with them).  Amazingly, there was only one boy in the group who has worked with her before so we were able to get back to everyone’s favourite “Vanessa recipes” – dumplings.  I’m always amazed at how the noise level decreases and the concentration level increases when Vanessa comes to work with us – apparently dumplings require a lot of focus!  I also love how when Vanessa suggests the boys work with raw meat (or shrimp, below), noone complains. Sometimes, when I ask them to work with such ingredients, there’s definitely a bit of the “ew” factor going on!   In any case, Vanessa’s visits are proof positive that kids can make fabulous dumplings and potstickers in a very short amount of time..

One group of boys got to work with peeling and removing the tails from the shrimp…

Kids peeling shrimp on eatlivetravelwrite.comWhile the group working with the ginger-chicken potstickers grated ginger and garlic…

Kids grating ginger and garlic on eatlivetravelwrite.comChopped cilantro….

Kids working with cilantro on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd mixed the lot together to form a filling…

Kids making chicken potsticker filling on eatlivetravelwrite.comThe boys carefully separated the dumpling wrappers…

Kids working with dumpling wrappers on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd Vanessa showed them the technique for filling and folding the dumpling wrappers to the insides stayed put!

Vanessa Yeung showing kids how to make potstickers on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd then we got to work. It’s serious business this dumpling filling and folding…


Kids making shrimp potstickers on eatlivetravelwrite.comI loved that the boys who figured it out fast were able to show their friends how. There’s no better way to consolidate a newly-acquired skill than to teach someone else…

Kids teaching each other how to make potstickers on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd I have to say, the dumplings the boys made were pretty close to Vanessa’s!

Vanessa Yeung shows kids how to make shrimp potstickers on eatlivetravelwrite.comAs someone who spends all day with these guys, I am always fascinated to watch how certain tasks in cooking club manage to capture their attention. I always say I’m going to introduce dumpling making as part of the French curriculum 😉

Kids make chicken potstickers with Vanessa Yeung on eatlivetravelwrite.com Kids assembling chicken potstickers on eatlivetravelwrite.comI mean, look at the care and attention to detail in those photos above. And the results:

Chicken and shrimp potstickers by kids on eatlivetravelwrite.comVanessa and I got to frying the dumplings.. Right at the end, we added some water to the hot pan and covered them, flash-steaming them. The steam was pretty dramatic but the results were impressive.

Kids make chicken and shrimp potstickers on eatlivetravelwrite.com“Just like at a Dim Sum restaurant” was how they were described. I’d say that is a huge compliment, wouldn’t you, Vanessa?

I am fairly doubtful many these dumplings made it home. In fact I saw them being consumed in the hallways, on the stairs, out on the playground, in cars as I saw the boys on their way home. And it’s not just little boys starving after a full day at school. These are boys who know what tastes great. And if they made it themselves? Bonus!

Thanks Vanessa for you continued support of the Petits Chefs program. We couldn’t run it without the generosity of food enthusiasts and chefs like you. Also, in the words of one of the boys the following day “When is she coming back?” 😉

Read more about the classes Vanessa offers on Aphrodite Cooks.

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Congratulations to Cat who won a copy of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking Chez Moi in my giveaway. I’ve emailed you!


5 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs make chicken and shrimp potstickers with Vanessa Yeung”

  1. Now here was Mr. Neil, all excited to open up his lunch bucket, and…..NOTHING. 🙁

    Do we need to have a remedial lesson for all the new LPC, on my role as final taster? Sigh…

    Looks great, boys! I *imagine* how tasty they were. And darned impressive in an HOUR!


  2. Ha! Mr. Niel seems a bit put out that he was left out. The LPC has another feather to add to their caps with these chicken and shrimp pot stickers. Vanessa is wonderful to support and encourage your boys in the manner in which she does.


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