Travel Tuesday: A Sugar Walk of the Marais with La Cuisine Paris

Yes, that’s David Leite up there ^^^ taking a photo of divine Portuguese pastéis de nata (custard tarts) that we discovered when we both joined The Sugar Walk of the Marais, a walking tour developed by one of the talented and knowledgeable La Cuisine Paris pastry chefs, Guillemette.  The tour takes place in the trendy Marais area, taking in about 10 sweet spots from pâtisseries to chocolate stores.  David and I had a blast and we both would highly recommend the experience to anyone with a sweet tooth visiting Paris!

I’ve already written about my love for praluline – brioche aux pralines roses. Well that love affair began on the Sugar Walk!

I’m not going to list all the fabulous places we visited, because these change seasonally and sometimes, depending on holiday closures, weekly.  But I have seen the La Cuisine “master list” of places that could potentially be visited on this tour and I can honestly say that I would not be disappointed in any variation on the itinerary I took.  So, without revealing all the sweet secrets, here’s a little look at the sorts of things you can expect if you join in the sweet fun…

Colourful, exquisite desserts…

Marshmallows. Only in Paris…

Spectacularly perfect éclairs, tartelettes and cakes…

Desserts too pretty to eat. Nearly.

Stores that take you back in time….

And offer samples a-plenty….

Of course, there are macarons

Sometimes there might even be ice-cream…

Or cheesecake….

But wherever you visit, you will pick up some tasty treats to enjoy back at La Cuisine Paris with a cup of coffee or tea (or water if you are sugar overloaded!).

For more information about The Sugar Walk of the Marais with La Cuisine Paris, check out their website.

If you love Paris and great food writing, you’ll enjoy David Leite’s piece on “The Paris Effect”.

Disclosure: I was working at La Cuisine Paris during the month of July 2012. I was not compensated to write this post and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

22 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: A Sugar Walk of the Marais with La Cuisine Paris”

  1. Le Gateaux au Framage caught my eye! YUMMERS… would love a great recipe for that – send one my way if you find one while you are there… and maybe I can even make the cheese I put in it!

  2. oooooh my god that all looks so beautiful and tasty! Love that its mostly in small pieces so you can taste a little bit of everything

  3. *drooling*

    Those tarts look great, probably taste just like the Portugese tarts they make in Macau.. and.. Portugal 🙂


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