Alexander Lobrano's My Place at the Table cover image.

Summer Reads: My Place at the Table

This is part of my Summer Reads series where I’ll be reviewing a series of “not just cookbooks”. Picture this: It’s 1996 or thereabouts. I’m living in Paris. It’s a Wednesday morning and I’m headed to one of my many English teaching jobs. On my way into the métro, I stop by the newspaper kiosk … Read more

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French Fridays: One more Croissant for the Road by Felicity Cloake

Here we are. Still staying home. More travel restrictions announced here in Canada (about 10 months too late but better late than never…). The outlook for travel is looking bleak for 2021. If you’re missing travel as much as I am, you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to travel from home and, while technology … Read more