Les Petits Chefs Food Revolution Week 4

Jamie Oliver Spaghetti and meatballs post picture

This was a special request from Henry and Charles this week: Spaghetti and Meatballs!

Check out the wonderful technique in the middle row – that’s Liam working out how to divide the meat into four equal parts!  As you can see from the bottom row, some of the meatballs were larger than others and they didn’t cook so evenly.  I have no problem posting these pictures because we all learned a good lesson about food cooking more evenly when it is the same size.  We ended up cutting the larger meatballs in two which helped… Some more excellent knife skills being displayed here: garlic, basil, onion and peppers (don’t worry – noone rubbed their eyes with peppery fingers this week!).  I love that each week, the boys are actually requesting jobs to do as they learn what they do and don’t like doing and what they need more practice with.  Look at Oliver’s fine onion cutting technique in the lower left hand corner!

Below is one of my favourite photos of the week:

An excellent tomato squashing technique…

The boys helped me with the plating of the final dish:

Did the boys like it?  Well just seconds after I took the photo of the completed dish, they were digging in…

And literally minutes after I took that photo, I turned around to find this:

Success? You betcha!

33 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs Food Revolution Week 4”

  1. Forgot the oregano?!?! That’s one of the things I always have around my spice rack 😛

    Glad to see the boys are learning more than just what good food is, but the reasons why things are done a certain way like being the same size 😀

    • Well since we’re working in a science lab, we don’t have a spice rack!!! 😉

      Yes, we are learning lots of useful life lessons in this club!

  2. Great post about the little chefs, as usual. Who knows, you guys may form a catering company, so long as you follow child labor laws. The mustard and balsamic were interesting surprise ingredients. Looked yummy. I’ve got to start doing these with Moochie.

  3. I LOVE what you’re doing here, and especially that you can really see the kids picking up skills and learning about what they’re doing. Plus, yum, that looks amazing. I’d be right behind you with a fork at the ready!

    • It’s so rewarding, you’re right, and I hope they will remember some of this when they are older. I know that when I was younger and took “Home Ec” in Grade 9, we made Welsh Rarebit and I can still remember how to make it. If you ask me what we did in Math in Grade 9, well, I couldn’t tell you!

  4. Oh, Mardi, I love this. What a good thing you’re doing with the little chefs! Your photos capture the moment very well, I think–especially the last one!

    You could start a cooking school for kids–they could come after school and learn how to cook ‘real’ food. Hmmm….

  5. Have I told you how wonderful your Petits Chefs are? Kudos, Mardi, for instilling in these boys an ever-growing love and appreciation for good food and cooking. If I were a guest in your class that day, I would have eagerly dueled forks to get a portion of this plate of spaghetti!

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