If you could only choose ONE food…

to eat for the rest of your life, what would that be??

This was the question posed to one of the bloggers at last weekend’s Healthy Living Blog Summit in Boston. In my head, the words “chocolate” and “cheese” immediately sprung to mind but on further reflection, I would say it would have to be yoghurt.

I haven’t always been a yoghurt-eater, much less a yoghurt-lover. I first tasted strawberry “Ski” brand yoghurt back at my Nana and Poppa’s when I was about 8. Ick! I remember eating it all even though I didn’t like it (it was too sour for me – probably the way it was supposed to be…) because it was a “cool new product” (hey, it was the mid-70s!). I mean, check out this video from the 80s – who wouldn’t like Ski…?

Anyway, flash forward to the very late 1980s when I lived in Brussels as a Rotary Exchange Student. Apart from eating a lot of chocolate and developing a love of beer (!), I also discovered a new found appreciation for yoghurt. If you have even been to Europe, you will know that they have always been a little more advanced in the dairy product front than many countries. (As an example – I was eating the equivalent of Activia back then in 1988. When I arrived in Canada in 2000, Activia was still not available…).

In the mid-1990s when I was living in France, I fell in love with yohurt all over again. Whereas in Australia I would never eat anything other than the non-fat stuff, in France, I was delighted to see smaller sized pots of full fat yoghurt which I was happy to consume. I would rather have a small amount of the “real thing” than 10 times the amount of a low-fat product so the smaller sizes suited me just fine.

Since I left France, we have visited on a regular basis and my camera and I have always been drawn to the supermarket (Monoprix!) where I proceed to take pictures of all the things we don’t have in Canada that I wish we did…

Heaven – the yoghurt aisle!

Excuse me? Bonne Maman make a yoghurt product??? That we can’t get in Canada? Not fair…

Little glass “bubbles’ filled with yoghurt? Too cute!

I love this one – “nourishes your skin from the inside”. Uh huh. Actually it’s pretty tasty. They were running a “money back guarantee” on this product last year – I wonder how that works? Your skin doesn’t look better after 14 days so you want your money back… I wonder how you prove that???

This picture is especially for the informative and hilarious Carmelle from Stonyfield Farm who sat with us at lunch on Saturday in Boston and regaled us with tales of upcoming Stonyfield products (sadly, for the US only) and her Polish family gatherings! It was great to meet you! Les Deux Vaches is Stonyfield’s sister brand in France and one of my favourites, not the least for the cute packaging (yes, I am a sucker for a cow on a label!).

As an aside, I finally got to taste Oikos (a Stonyfield brand) this weekend (they ran out at the breakfast bar but I made the trek to Whole Foods after the conference to pick some up for a snack).

This 0% fat Greek vanilla-flavoured yoghurt was amazing – you could not tell that it was fat free. So creamy and unctuous in your mouth (apparently due to the straining process that removes the whey). And packs a protein punch to boot! Ummm – again – something else we can’t get in Canada. 🙁 x 100

So that’s my “one food” choice – what’ s your “one food”???

7 thoughts on “If you could only choose ONE food…”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Mardi — informative AND hilarious are quite a combination! And thanks to all for attending the summit on Saturday. I must admit my favorite moment was Regina Beidler's presentation on organic dairy farming — her combo of informative AND organic certainly has me beat! — Carmelle

  2. You are welcome! I also really enjoyed Regina's presentation – sorry she had to leave before I had a chance to tell her properly!

  3. I concur on Regina's presentation, I want to live with her!

    I pick cheese. I love cheese.

    Mardi, I'm glad you went to WF! What else did you get?

  4. I got some delicious salad bar things as well as some Adora chocolate calcium discs and some more Amazing Grass sample packets (chocolate flavour of course!) LOVE WF, could have spent all night in there!

  5. I had SOOOOOO forgotten aout Essensis!!! Didn't do too much for us eh!!!
    I remeber eating set Vanilla yoghurt on my first real trip to France when I was 14 or so and thinking it was like manna from heaven.

  6. Cathy – what do you mean the Essensis didn't work??? 😉

    And you too can be feasting on set yoghurt this Christmas….. (just sayin…)


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