A whole lot of shaking…

I have to say one of the unexpected highlights of our trip to Laos was the abundant fruit. I am not sure what I was thinking really as it IS a tropical climate, but I had read not to hope for too much in the way of exotic fruits…

On our second day in the country, about 30 minutes after we arrived in Luang Prabang, we headed out to explore. As we approached some little stalls selling everything from knives to herbal remedies, we all sort of gravitated towards this:

So pretty but also so delicious! This is the “menu” on all the little fruit shake stands – visual only, not written out. It depends on what fruit has been available at the markets that day so sometimes you can totally luck out with a great selection, sometimes the offerings are less than inspiring – check out the “apple” flavour which we weren’t sure about, especially since 1) they don’t have a juicer, only a blender and 2) the apples were “blended” sticker, core and all… Hmmm..

In any case, since it was about a billion degrees at this point, Neil and I opted to share a banana pineapple shake (note that this was the last time we shared one as they were too good to share and also they cost about 60 cents…):

My favourite part of the experience was that on that particular day, the power outlets weren’t working on that side of the road (can I just add here that in Luang Prabang, there is a night market along the main street every night and obviously the vendors need light, therefore electricity… Every afternoon around 2pm, a little old man comes out to tape the EXTENSION CORD onto the ground and make sure everyone has their power bars for their stall. Yep, even in the monsoon season…) so our shake lady had to run across the road with the blender jars:


Our guide, Andy had a very pretty concoction:

Dragonfruit. Which was VERY pink….

Later on in Vang Vieng, we all ate at the Organic Farm café, which, apart from its delicious food (another post), served the most unique shakes –

Mulberry 🙂

Missing those daily (or in the case of our travel mates Rick and Sue, multiple times daily!!) shakes and although we could totally make them at home (hello Magic Bullet!), it’s kind of not the same… Sigh.

3 thoughts on “A whole lot of shaking…”

  1. It was actually pretty nice though I don't much like dragonfruit per se. I think they might sneak some coconut milk in there with the ice and fruit…

  2. Yay, I found your blog at Food With Style. It will reach 100 degrees here today so all the drinks look soooo appetizing. The photo of the blender is hysterical. But, hey, whatever works.

    Hope you will stop by for a visit.


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