Everything in moderation, right?

It’s a little too early in the morning to start comparing European and North American eating habits but one of the things I have to say I truly miss about living in Paris and Europe is their ability to really enjoy everything in moderation. I mean, a little chocolate with your breakfast – who could resist?

When I lived in Brussels many years ago, I was aghast to see people squishing squares of bittersweet chocolate between pieces of bread and having that for breakfast. I guess it’s no different from Nutella but still, to my 17 year-old eyes, it was a bit shocking. Had my 17 year-old eyes been more worldly, I might have also noticed that people were consuming this breakfast treat in moderation (unlike the way I wanted to …!).

One recent summer in France and Belgium, I noticed the influence of this delicious taste combination is evident in the cereal aisle of the supermarket, in the form of the addition of chocolate to all sorts of supposed “healthy” cereals. You may scoff and say the chocolate negates any possible health or dietary benefits of such a cereal but I say it’s all good. Everything in moderation….

President’s Choice here in Canada came out with a kinda sorta equivalent a couple of years ago, but sadly the trend has not caught on and this remains the only kind of Canadian chocolate-themed cereal you can buy here in Toronto (you can buy the Special K chocolate flavour also). It’s good but more choice would be even better!

9 thoughts on “Everything in moderation, right?”

  1. Lame pseudochocolate. Interesting that there the boxes can say "chocolate" when here they have to say "chocolatey". You know I bought a box as soon as I saw it, but I had to toss the whole thing because the hard, brittle little brown squares were terrible.

    Just buy a baguette, a big bottle of Nutella (spread of the gods) and get to slatherin'

    Now that's chocolate breakfast goodness. Or if in Paris, get a Nutella crepe.

  2. But the chocolate cereals in France actually taste REALLY good. Even the All Bran one. If they had that here, they would not need that whole William Shatner campaign…

  3. steve and charlotte love a chocolate granola from trader joe's that has little chocolate curls in it. it's too sweet for my taste — which is surprising actually considering how i love sweet things — but they love it. next time you're in a tj's, check it out and see how it compares.

  4. Ah well that would be NEVER since we don't have TJs here 🙁 Perhaps when I am in Buffalo this fall for a conference I might be able to find one… Off to Google that!

  5. A nice bittersweet dark chocolate bar (say, Belgian) and a grater works just fine in the morning…

    Assuming one can be bothered. (Not so much, me.)

  6. One could try Nesquick cereal – the North American version of a chocolate substitue cereal. If you let the cereal soak in a bowl any longer than about 5 minutes you do get a "chocolatey" drink. Hmmmm….no, maybe not.

  7. No Edie, maybe not indeed!
    I am talking about cereals with BIG CHUNKS of chocolate in them. YUM!

  8. Looking at all of the different foods in the Monoprix of Paris was a great experience. You want to pick up everything and try them!


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