Eat, drink, sleep, repeat.

Cleo really is a huge part of our lives and just like her mum and dad, she loves all things food and drink related (especially people food and drink) as well as a nap every now and then. She actually had her own blog a couple of years ago when I was in Paris for my MA for the summer just so I could keep up with her but it was just too much work to keep it up once I was home. It really is a cat’s life.

Most likely the first in a series….

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself, especially when there’s chocolate cereal around. And we’re not even in France!

Being a cat is thirsty work, you know.

And extremely tiring….

5 thoughts on “Eat, drink, sleep, repeat.”

  1. love the last picture; it's how i always think of cleo — long and sleek and stretched out, perhaps because of that original yoga cat photo. she's a beautiful animal and clearly very well loved!

  2. You have a lovely blog! I just had to comment on this post because my pet’s name was also Cleo and she was the laziest and naughtiest thing ever!


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