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Aaah, breakfast. Easily my favourite meal of the day. Sadly now that school has started again, it’s the meal of the day I have the least time for during the week but I do make a big effort to have some of my favourite breakfast items on hand so that I don’t go to or start work on an empty stomach.

Some of those items include the Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds fruit and grain buns (they are like pita breads, only with delicious varieties like Apple Cinnamon and the Muesli).  Ozery is a brand I am so happy to partner with because I have been enjoying their products for many years – they are a small, family-owned bakery established in 1996 in the back of the family sandwich shop in downtown Toronto, originally known as Pita Break.  Since the beginning, the Ozery family has been inventing alternatives to traditional bread products, made from hearty whole grains, fruits, and seeds.  By 1998, Ozery began selling flatbreads to local specialty and health food stores in downtown Toronto. Not long after, they opened a small commercial bakery to support the requests for their products in Ontario, Quebec and eventually the United States.  In 2016, Ozery turns 20 years old and to coincide with this 20th anniversary, they decided to put the family name on everything they make (changing from Ozery’s Pita Break to Ozery Bakery). Everything they make contains only the most nutritious and delicious ingredients – No GMOs – no artificial preservatives -no mysterious ingredients you can’t pronounce. Wholesome goodness that tastes great.

I’ve been eating the Lavash Crackers for years, initially attracted to them because of the ingredient list (the Flax and Honey variety contain: filtered water, unbleached wheat flour, stone ground whole wheat flour, flax seeds, honey, sesame seeds, wheat bran, semolina, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt) – all ingredients you recognize and would bake with yourself. I always have a box of the lavash on my desk at work and they always feature on any cheese board I prepare.

The Morning Rounds are perfect for toasting up in the morning (have you discovered the deliciously snackable Just Minis yet? They are mini versions of the Morning Rounds).  Both the Morning Rounds and the Minis live in my freezer at both home and work – they defrost and toast up beautifully- great for breakfast on the go or snacks.

But hey, I hear you ask “What about the weekends, don’t you slow down and enjoy a lazy breakfast on one of those days?”  Well, actually, not really (7am is a huge sleep in for me!) – cookbook writing on top of a full-time job is quite possibly the most work I’ve ever undertaken (more than when I did my M.A. or PhD level courses!) so my weekends are not exactly that relaxing right now.  What I am trying to make an effort to do though is to take 45 minutes or so and sit and read the paper (well, the sections I like to read, that is!) and eat my breakfast sitting down as opposed to on the go. Even though it’s just a short amount of time, it really does set me up for a day or cooking/ writing/ researching – and because I get up so early, I’m still starting work before 9 most weekends.

To jazz things up a little last weekend (as opposed to our regular toast/ granola/ yoghurt/ fruit selection) I whipped together a little French toast with a twist. I had seen the recipe for the fruity French toast using the Just Minis (this would be perfect for kids!) and figured it would be just as easy (and, in fact, probably less messy) using the regular size Morning Rounds. Easiest thing ever and I loved the extra flavour and texture the muesli brought to this dish. A little bit of fresh fruit and some blueberry compote and/ or maple syrup completed a pretty perfect breakfast. Think you don’t have time? If you have time to brew a pot of coffee, you have time to make this.

Muesli French toast
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
French toast with a twist using Ozery Bakery Muesli Morning Rounds.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 4
  • 4 Muesli Morning Rounds
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • Maple syrup, to serve
  • Fruit compote, to serve
  • Fresh fruit to garnish
  1. In a wide shallow dish whisk the lightly beaten eggs with milk.
  2. Using a fork, poke the Morning Rounds 4-5 times in different areas - this will help the egg mixture soak in.
  3. Soak the rounds in the milk and egg mixture, turning to coat both sides.
  4. Meanwhile, heat a large skillet medium-high heat.
  5. Melt 1 tablespoon of the butter in the skillet. Place 1 Round into skillet and cook for 3 minutes or until golden.
  6. Flip the Round and cook 3 more minutes or until golden brown and slightly puffy.
  7. Keep the cooked Round warm while you repeat the process with the remaining butter and Rounds.
  8. Serve with maple syrup, fruit compote and fresh fruit.

Ozery Bakery French Toast with Morning Rounds on eatlivetravelwrite.comI love that my “weekday emergency breakfast staples” can be jazzed up for a more leisurely meal on the weekend!

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Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for promoting Ozery Bakery products. As always, opinions are 100% my own and I only work with products I can highly recommend myself. In this case, I was thrilled to partner with Ozery Bakery because I have been eating their products for years anyway!

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  1. OMG! This recipe sounds amazing Mardi!! I’ve never had Ozeri Morning Rounds again but I’ve seen them at the store. Will grab a bag next time to try. You make them sound extraordinarily delicious!

  2. I hadn’t heard of these before now, but they seem like a great idea! Gotta say, you’ve made them look incredibly inviting here! Great job – and now I’m off to enter the contest 🙂


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