Wordless Wednesday: Scenes from a long weekend in Gascony

Nerac on eatlivetravelwrite.com At the market in Nerac on eatlivetravelwrite.comPoulet a la ficelle in Gascony on eatlivetravelwrite.com Floc de Gascogne and Rose in Gascony on eatlivetrravelwrite.com Scenes from Nerac on eatlivetravelwrite.comIn Nerac on eatlivetravelwrite.comMairie Gascony on eatlivetravelwrite.comWindow shutters in Gascony on eatlivetravelwrite.comNear Montreal in Gascony on eatlivetravelwrite.com At Ladeveze on eatlivetravelwrite.comDucks in Gascony on eatlivetravelwrite.comAt Camont on eatlivetravelwrite.comKate Hills garden on eatlivetravelwrite.comAt Kate Hills Camont on eatlivetravelwrite.comIn the garden at Camont on eatlivetravelwrite.com Outside at Camont on eatlivetravelwrite.comIn the Kitchen at Camont on eatlivetravelwrite.comI took these photos last July over the course of a long weekend in Gascony, where I shared much rosé and many laughs with Kate and Monica. I’m so excited to be heading back to one of my favourite parts of the world at the end of this week!

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19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Scenes from a long weekend in Gascony”

  1. Haha oh my I laughed so much at those chickens!

    What a beautiful place!

    – Taryn Elise

  2. I really hope we get a chance to rendezvous in France, Mardi. It’s a TRADITION. These pictures remind me why this place – and especially the people – have become so important to me. It really has nothing to do with the rosé! It’s the laughs and creativity. And, well, the food. On which point, I think that pic of the mushrooms (and is it socca?) has inspired me to feature something similar on my supperclub menu this April. Not sure if I can do it as well as Kate but I can try!

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  4. I have recently moved to Gascony Avenue in London, U.K, So I thought to do a little research on Gascony online and it lead me here… Wonderful photos Mardi, Thank you for sharing. And now I simply have to visit the area.


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