Anyday Magic recipe makeover: Honey oat pikelets with berries and yogurt

One of my blogging goals this year was to work on developing more original recipes. So I couldn’t have been happier when I was approached by the folks at Twist Image on behalf of The Dairy Farmers of Canada to see if I would like to participate in the Anyday Magic Recipe Makeover.  The idea is that Canadians submit recipes needing a makeover (maybe because they’re bored of it or maybe their kids don’t like it), and 3 different food bloggers will makeover that recipe.

I’m pleased to announce that my first of two recipes is up over at the Anyday Magic site today!  We were challenged to makeover Jasmin’s Creamy Berry Oatmeal.  She submitted her recipe saying: “My favourite winter breakfast is hot oatmeal prepared with a spoon of yogurt and a handful of frozen berries from the summer. It’s hot and nutritious, but it’s also oatmeal, so I don’t really know how to switch it up or make it better. Help!”

I like oatmeal too but, like Jasmin, sometimes get bored. Surely there is a more fun way to combine all those healthy ingredients…. Like, for example….

Don’t they look good? They’re Honey-Oat Pikelets with Yogurt and Berries (with just a touch of cream!).  Smaller than pancakes with the texture of a crumpet, these are pretty great warm, just out of the pan, or even reheated the next day.

Want the recipe? Head on over to the Anyday Magic Recipe Makeover page and if you like the look of it, please “like” my recipe 🙂

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32 thoughts on “Anyday Magic recipe makeover: Honey oat pikelets with berries and yogurt”

  1. Wonderful, Mardi! I do love oatmeal and could probably eat it every single day of my life, but these pikelets (I love the name) would certainly be a great change! They look marvelous and so delicious!

  2. These mini hotcakes look sweet and delicious for breakfast – perfect with blueberries 😀
    Great recipe!

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Happy National Peanut Butter Day

  3. What an interesting twist! This sounds like a great campaign, I wish I could participate and have some things made over for me 🙂 Looks delicious, I’ve never had a pikelet.

  4. Oh I love the name of these. Pikelets! These look and sound delicious Mardi. Heading over to like your recipe and congratulations on that foodie tour of France. How exciting!


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