Peanut butter pieI’m late making this pie. I know. But I’m hoping it will still bring comfort to Jennie, who lost her husband Mikey to a sudden, massive heart attack nearly two weeks ago. I remember seeing her tweet “He’s gone….” and wondering who she meant, hoping it wasn’t Mikey. Sadly, it was. Just like that. No warning. Leaving Jennie and her two daughters with no time for goodbyes.

I have not met Jennie in person – she’s a “Twitter friend” – but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel I know her. She’s feisty and plucky and strong.  Anyone who can write an inspirational post about the importance of the family dinner  so soon after losing a loved one is  truly special. She makes amazing food for her family. She is a force to be reckoned with.  I was supposed to meet her in New York this past spring but I had to cancel my trip, so she remains someone I hope to meet in real life sooner rather than later.  I am glad that friends were able to go to be with her last week, even if so many of us could not.

What has been extraordinary about this sad, sad event is how the food blogging community from around the world has truly gathered to support Jennie and her girls. All the way away in Burgundy, I read tweets and posts to Jennie, feeling guilty that I was on vacation whilst someone was going through such sadness.  A few days after he died, Jennie wrote the poignant “For Mikey” in which she asked people to make his favourite pie and share it with loved ones.  What has happened since then has been incredible.  At last count, over 1000 people made pies and posted about them.  A true outpouring of support and love for Jennie and her girls that I know she has appreciated. I was not in a position to make a pie last week but finally I am home, somewhat unpacked and sort of over my jetlag and took the time yesterday to make tiny peanut butter pies for dessert for Neil and a friend. Because Jennie asked us to. For Mikey, for her and for the girls. With love.

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  1. Absolutely lovely, Mardi. I’m astounded by the extraordinary acts of kindness in the blogging community following such a tragedy. Bloggers really do have the power to unite and make a difference!

    Is the recipe for your pie in a jar different than everyone else’s in any way? Would love to know how to make yours.

  2. A whole lot of love packed in three little pies. Beautiful Mardi. I hope you and Neil were able to enjoy these together.

  3. Thanks so much for this Mardi.What a beautiful and touching post. I am going to make this pie for Mikey and Jennie tomorrow. I’m a little worried about finding all the ingredients in France but I think I can subsitute a few things to make it work, for Mikey.

  4. They are beautiful pies Mardi and thank you for introducing me to Jennie. I’ve just read many of her posts and I admire her strength to write so well during such a tragedy in her life. I had tears in my eyes watching the video, a reminder that we should never take moments of joy for granted.

    My husband and I have just returned from vacation in Scotland and Paris – we had the wine-tasting dinner at O Chateau with Remy and Campbell, it was fantastique! Now time to get ready for back to school.

  5. Those pies looks stunning! Like you it was a shock…I was at a loss when heard the news. And though I followed closely all that happened last week….my brother was in town on a rare trip to visit with me, my parents and my girls. But I knew I’d get to this pie…..

    Last night my hubby, girls and I went to the store specifically for this pie. They helped me pick out the ingredients and knew what it was for. The peanut butter & chocolate combination is my hubby’s absolute FAVE. I’m making the pie today & we’ll eat it tonight in remembrance of Mikey, Jennie and her girls.

    What a special tribute this has turned out to be & I am blessed to be a part of it. My heart goes out to Jennie……

  6. a lovely tribute and a touching post. i was so saddened to read about her husband’s death – nearly every food related blog on my reader was dedicated to peanut butter pie at one point – and so touched by the outpouring of support shown by her friends. i’m sure she has been deeply touched by that love and support and will continue to be in the difficult days to come.


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