Les Petits Chefs go (mad) Mexican!

Les Petits Chefs were in for a treat this week: Chef José Haddad of both Frida Restaurant and Mad Mexican offered to come and show the boys 2 authentic Mexican dips: a fresh salsa and a guacamole.  I knew of Mad Mexican a little while ago – having spied their fresh salsa in my local natural food store, I could immediately tell that it wasn’t just a run of the mill mushy salsa – this looked real, chunky, homemade. I was in love – a salsa that I could buy but which looked homemade? What could be better?

Through Mad Mexican, Haddad’s goal is to create gourmet Mexican food from premium, fresh and local ingredients with the bold flavors of Mexico.  He specializes in producing the essence of Mexico through salsas, nachos, burritos and office or home catering.  Their passion is to deliver salsas that are fresh, all natural, preservative-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and with no sugars added.  For a list of their products, click here.  If you are in Toronto or Hamilton, click here for locations selling Mad Mexican products.

Chef endeared himself to the boys immediately by rocking up on a motorbike. Since we were all outside having popsicles (it was hot!), the boys observed a “cool dude” pulling into the parking lot on his motorbike. A few minutes later, Chef had switched out his helmet for his chef knife and was demonstrating how to chop the ingredients properly.

The boys were fascinated…

They took it all in and got to work…

They learned how to peel and pit an avocado without bruising the delicate flesh.. There were a few cuts as the boys struggled with tiny paring knives and large avocado pits.

How to remove the seeds and innards from jalapeños and chop them impossibly small. Some people (ahem, Jeffrey!) did not heed Chef’s warnings (and mine!) about washing our hands with soap after touching the seeds.  Some of the same people might have even eaten a few of the seeds “to see how hot they are” (they are hot!) AND forgotten to wash his hands before touching his eyes…  It was an action packed day, that’s for sure!

We learned how to chop green and red peppers very very finely…

And how to dice tomatoes whilst removing the watery seedy part…

Of course, there was some fun with onions. And by fun, I mean Mlle Michels stepping in and rescuing a few onion accidents. But on the whole, the boys rock the paring knives for many jobs that require chef knives.

Then came the fun part. When all was chopped to Chef’s specifications, we got to mix everything up…

First the fresh salsa….

I didn’t even get a picture of the finished dish. I wonder why?

Then the guacamole. Chef mashed whilst everyone else enjoyed the squishy sounds it makes LOL!

And the result? Well, I had to be quick…

Ahem. yes, this was VERY popular. THE BEST guacamole the boys had ever eaten. Seriously. And they were right!

Meanwhile, later that night on my front porch….

Thank you Chef José for a fun afternoon – I know many of the boys love Mexican food so it’s great that they will be able to replicate this pretty easily at home 🙂

(I was interviewed by the folks over at Bromography recently. You can read the interview here!)

24 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs go (mad) Mexican!”

  1. Note to Jeffrey: been there, little dude.
    (And to whomever is chopping that onion: very impressive job.) This is another great post. From the “opening shot” of the Mad Mexican roaring in on a bike to the final one of your porch snack, it was a pleasure to read. Now I want a Negro Modelo

  2. Love the photograph of one your Petits Chefs looking at the avocado so intently. Your interview with Bromography was great! Thanks for the link.

  3. Obviously, I have been missing out! I wish I had more time to see all the amazing things on all the blogs out there, and yours especially Mardi – how amazing – the things you are doing with your young Cooking Club and on your blog in general. Kudos to you! I will be sharing your site with my students. Thanks for all your hard work. xo


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