Memories of Zazu: Corn fritters, two ways

Ok, so in my latest Project Food Blog post (Pizza, remixed. Three ways), I promised you a recipe for the corn fritters that I used as a base for one of the pizzas. This one…

For that recipe, I made the base fairly flat and cut it perfectly round but the recipe was adapted from one I used to recreate the fabulous corn and zucchini fritters we ate at Zazu Farm and Restaurant in Santa Rosa this summer.  On returning home from that trip, I was determined to figure out how to make them and was super excited to come across a very similar recipe on a favourite blog of mine, Sippity Sup.  I adapted Greg’s recipe slightly as I wanted to incorporate cornmeal in the mix as I really enjoy the texture it brings – a little bit of crunch along with the chewiness of the corn is perfect.

*** WARNING!  The corn kernels “pop” when you fry them (duh, of course they do Mardi….) and you should wear some type of protective sleeveware/ gloves. No, really. I have a bunch of burn marks (and possibly permanent scars) to prove it. I won’t post those pictures though..  The first time I made these, I had my “frying hand” in the brace for my pinched nerve. Now my hand is better, I fried with bare arms. Just don’t do it!

These are, however, amazing.

DO try these at home!

By the way, if you liked my remixed pizzas, I would love your vote to move on to Round 6 of Project Food Blog, where we have to create a delicious meal that will travel well. As luck would have it, I am travelling to Niagara Falls to speak at a conference next weekend with one of my best friends and I have the *best* idea for our picnic overlooking the Falls….  Simply click here to vote. You have to be a Foodbuzz member to vote but it’s a simple sign-up process. Once you’re signed up, click the red heart to vote.  Thanks in advance. Many thanks for your continued support.

56 thoughts on “Memories of Zazu: Corn fritters, two ways”

  1. Aha so now I understand the burn marks. You sound too much like me! But these corn fritters are absolutely beautiful, Mardi! And I love fritters! And if this recipe started with Greg and found its way through you then I know it is fantastic! Just gorgeous – fritters and pics!

  2. Wow! Those corn cakes look gorgeous. My mom makes similar fritters, I haven’t had them in ages, you pics have made me crave some right now 🙂

  3. Niagara Falls Canada side or US side? These look amazing! I’ve never tried corn cakes before, I’ll make sure to wear protective gear when I give them a try. Thanks Mardi! Have a great trip.

  4. Yummy looking corn fritters. You made me giggle Mardi at your bare arm cooking scars – most chefs look like they cut themselves because our arms are scarred, my hands & arms are not too bad because like you, I soon learn to wear long sleeves no matter how hot it gets in the kitchen, but although they’ve definatly faded, there are still some battle scars from cheffing. The price we pay for our loves huh 😉

  5. That first photo. Mesmerising. The crispy bottoms AND crispy tops. So much crispy brown goodness. I’m sad your skin was harmed in the making of this goodness, but feel better knowing you had these to console yourself with.

    I like the thought of you making these wearing welding gloves.

  6. Oooowwwee! I love corn cakes and baked goods of all kinds and now that I see you’ve done them with buttermilk, my jowls are salivating. I can’t wait to try this recipe out because I really enjoy making arepas, which are a latino/south american/caribbean corn patty with a white queso. (Oh, and I voted for your pizza post.)

  7. I had the same problem being burned with the popping kernels when I’ve made corn cakes! It’s awful!
    Your fritters look absolutely delicious! Perfectly fried and golden. Yum!
    Congrats on the Top 9!

  8. I think this recipe is really dangerous. I followed the cautions, however, when flipping one of the fritters, the oil popped sending hot grease all over my hand and the kitchen. I just think there is too much moisture in the corn kernels.

    However, the three that did get made were tasty…

  9. I love corn fritters and these look amazing.

    I’d love for you to submit one of your beautiful photos, and a link to your post, to my new vegetarian food photo gallery showcasing beautiful and flavorful vegetarian food.


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