Black Walnut Manor (Vineland, Ontario)

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This weekend, after my conference in Buffalo was over and after we had recovered from the “original Buffalo wing” experience, we headed out to Vineland, Ontario for a little foray into wine country.

Lasy year, I read about a “weekend in Vineland” in Air Canada’s En Route magazine and it recommended staying at the Black Walnut Manor. Most worthy of the high praise afforded to it by En Route, it’s a beautiful old house turned into a B&B:

With charming decor:

and a welcome tray of wine and cheese:

Small, thoughtful touches such as CD and DVD players in each room with an eclectic selection of both for loan made this a lovely little oasis in the heart of wine country.

Sunday morning, at 8am, this was delivered to our door:

Coffee and the paper!

Then at 9.30 we headed downstairs for breakfast:

Fall fruit crisp with caramel yoghurt.

Pumpkin apple loaf.

Scrambled eggs in a croissant with local yellow watermelon and bacon strips. All served by the genial Carole, husband Mike and the two dogs, Willie and Duke.

We felt replete and pampered as we headed out to the local craft fair and (yet another) winery on our way home. Hopefully this won’t be our last stay here. Highly recommended.

Black Walnut Manor
4255 Victoria Ave
Vineland Station, Ontario
L0R 2E0
Phone/Fax – (905) 562-8675

Toll Free – 1-800-859-4786

16 thoughts on “Black Walnut Manor (Vineland, Ontario)”

  1. Oh my goodness, this place looks incredibly cute! I love small, cozy bed and breakfasts like this. I'm originally from Michigan and my parents are considering buying an old farmhouse in Northern Michigan – right at the tip of the Mitt where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet – and I so desperately want them to because then they will turn it into a B and B like this. I would totally make sure that decadent breakfasts were served everyday like the one you had. And pumpkin apple bread? Whhhhewwwh. Get in my belly!

  2. I wish I had a Carole and Mike to make me such nice things. Wouldn't mind having a Willie and Duke too, come to think of it.

  3. We love B&B's! We stayed at a great one when we were in Niagara on the Lake. Only 3 rooms, and the owner made us fantastic breakfasts out of local produce (peach smoothies, fresh berry muffins, poached eggs, etc.)

  4. Congrats.
    I did vote for you a few days ago…
    You have a great site that I enjoy to visit.
    This looks wonderful, by the way.

  5. Emily – I would love to have a B&B but boy is it a lot of work!

    traveleatlove – thought it looked like your sort of place!

    Divina – it was most unexpected to have amazing food like that!

    Conor – I would love to have Carole cooking for me all the time too!

    High/Low – that's a great area, isn't it?

    Miranda – thanks for voting! And thanks for the compliments!

  6. High/Low – can you provide details to Mardi on the Niagara place? I JUST had a friend asking me for a reco on the weekend, and I'm out of touch with the B&B scene there.

    As for "cute decor": I found that stuffed creature just a tad disturbing. And the paper was THE STAR.

    But two very minor complaints, really…. 😉

  7. Wow, that breakfast looks good. Strong coffee, the apple crisp and a side of that bacon, with perhaps a slice of the pumpkin bread (don't want to be rude) sounds like the ultimate calories be damned breakfast to me.

  8. Mary Laure – it was – and the owners gave us a lemon cranberry loaf to bring with us!

    Kablooey – A woman after my own heart!

    Alicia – it was lovely – wish we could have stayed one more night. And the creature was cute in a weird way..

  9. What a neat B&B! It seems like a well thought out experience with the welcome tray of cheese and wine, delivery of coffee at the door and the hearty breakfast! I'll have to keep this place in mind the next time I visit ON!

  10. Simply Life – if was very scrumptious!

    Fresh Local – yes, you're right "well thought out" describes it accurately. Little details thought of…

    Chow – yup!


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