Supermarket excitement!

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As you will know by now if you read my blog with any regularity, I love (supermarket) shopping. So it will be no surprise to you that whilst in Buffalo on the weekend, one of our pit stops was Wegman‘s.

What I got most excited about was the BEER! Love that you can buy beer in the regular supermarket, unlike antiquated Ontario with its “liquor” and “beer” stores. Yup, that’s right, the place you buy the beer in Ontario is called, creatively “The Beer Store“. You buy everything else at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario stores or the LCBO as it is known – which for a while when I moved to Canada I thought was a place called the “Elsiebeeo”. Anyway, I digress…

I spent a few minutes in raptures over the very funky beers available in the supermarket. Like these:

So what did we buy, beer-wise? Well, knowing we were headed into wine country, we just bought one six-pack of something very seasonal:

(which I enjoyed as I prepared our non-turkey Thanksgiving dinner on Monday night)

And what else, you ask?

Err, yes, I have a thing for nut butters but here in Canada you can’t get all those ones with the chocolate. I also have a thing for cereal (bars) involving chocolate. See, it doesn’t take much to please me…

All in all, a thoroughly fun 45 minutes wandering the aisles. I seriously think there is a futire in those oft-thought about “supermarket tours” of different countries. I mean, I’d sign up, wouldn’t you???

23 thoughts on “Supermarket excitement!”

  1. I could spend hours in a really good natural food store.
    I go to a great meat market and I take an hour in there!!! It is so cool…I love food. LOL.

  2. If you're ever in Houston, you need to visit Central Market. It's foodie heaven for someone that loves grocery stores.

  3. Miranda – totally agree!

    itsawrap – thanks and me too!

    Vegetable matter – duly noted!

    High/Low – I think Mr High/Low would get on famously with Neil!

    Sweet 26 – Oh right, I forgot that it's not all states.

  4. You know me, I worship Wegmans and it is the only store I shop in, lucky for me it's less than 5 minutes from my house (was definitely one of the factors choosing our current location!)

  5. Unplanned – sounds like my idea of a fun evening! When I was home in Australia this summer, I spent much time in supermarkets for fun!

    Whineaux – We are so on the same page!!!!

    5 Star – that's too funny! Picking your house based on proximity to Wegman's!

  6. I feel ya. When traveling to different countries I always find the grocery store(s). We just came back from Madrid and Dusseldorf and my suitcase was full of yummy stuff.

  7. EVery supermarket in every country is a joy to visit! I am liking the dark chocolate as well. HOw does pumpkin ale taste like?

  8. My Man's Belly – Madrid and Dussledorf – I can just imagine how much fun that was!!!

    Chow – thanks!

    Penny – Dark chocolate – mmmmm! Pumpkin ale was nice – not too yeasty and pretty smooth…

  9. America is commonly known worldwide as having about the worst beer on the planet.

    Alas, this is because everyone thinks of the dreaded Busch family and thier ilk.

    Mr High/Low, you do a great job of highlighting the wonders of all those glorious microbrews. See, there IS good beer to be found in the USA!

  10. Mardi, darling, you must be my soul mate! I love super markets, as much as farmers markets. It must be a female shopping gene that chose interest in food over shoes and purses. LOL!

  11. You know I would sign up! You could drop me off at Wegman's for a few hours, and I would carefully wander down each aisle, and have a whole lot of fun while doing it!

  12. Neil – ah but they have great microbrews!

    Simply Life – absolutely!

    Fresh Local – LOL indeed – I seem to have found a bunch of soul mates here!

    traveleatlove – that's my game plan when I hit a new supermarket!

  13. I, too, LOVE wandering through grocery stores and farmers markets. I putz about and it drives my husband crazy! I feel like I could get lost for hours.

  14. Lacey – I am lucky in that Neil also loves to shop and is pretty good at it too! I could tell from the beginning when we first met and he accompanied me on a hunt through a souk (we were in Morocco) to find a djellaba in my size…

  15. What a great post! We too may be supermarket soulmates. As far as nut butters, I can't allow myself to buy the Dark Chocolate Dreams, because it's one of just a few foods that I find can't stop eating once I start. And if you find yourself visiting Vermont, you'll have to let us show you our excellent markets, esp. our wonderful funky downtown food co-op.

  16. Cheryl – thanks for reading! Yes the dark chocolate nut butters are dangerously tempting.. If I am ever in Vermont, I will definitely look you up for a tour!!


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