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On my blog, High/Low Food/Drink, my husband and I love to explore high end and cheap eats everywhere we go. We’re lucky to be currently based in New York City. We’re so happy to guest-blog here because we love sharing our food adventures with fellow foodies!

We definitely have a sweet tooth, so it’s always fun to try new desserts in NYC. We lucked out and found a couple of sweet treats in the most unlikely places (a newly opened gastropub and a very casual bar in Brooklyn) . But of course, to end our dessert tour of the city, we ended up at our favorite guilty-pleasure in New York.

The housemade PB&J cupcake ($4.95) from Gus and Gabriel Gastropub is large and so decadent. The peanut butter is smooth and rich. It works well with the jelly center. The cake itself is light and fluffy – not dense at all!

We came across San Francisco’s It’s-It mint ice-cream sandwich ($4) at Brooklyn’s Pacific Standard bar. This ice cream sandwich made out of 2 oatmeal cookies and ice cream has been a West Coast treat since 1928.

One of our favorite ice cream places is burger-mecca Shake Shack. We love the inventive, and always changing, custards and concretes. We enjoyed the Peach Cobbler Concrete ($6.25) which was peach custard blended with shortbread and caramel, dusted with cinnamon sugar.

(Editor’s note – these three places are DEFINITELY on our list for our next trip to NYC – thanks HighLowFoodDrink!!!)

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