Mini Beef Wellingtons – revealed

Here they are!

A day later the pastry was still light and fairly crispy and after reheating in a slow over (300 degrees F) they were cooked “to perfection” according to Neil. Mine, well it stayed in the oven a little longer, shall we say!

(and ooops – there’s one there with the duxelles on the bottom, it’s supposed to be on the top.. Obviously my mistake, right Neil?)

3 thoughts on “Mini Beef Wellingtons – revealed”

  1. They were nice, but not a complete hit out of the park.

    Changes I'd do next time:
    – more thyme
    – less red current jelly
    – a touch of very fine red wine vinegar
    – more whole peppercorns in early stage; a few more cracked in final stage

    But overall, yum.


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