I *heart* macarons!

Not macaroons, the coconut flavoured North American imposter with a deceptively similar name. No, macarons. These: The ones above were actually brought back from Laudrée in Paris by a parent at my school who knows and understands about my macaron addiction. This same parent gave me a gift certificate and three sample macarons from Chabichou … Read more

The sauce that just keeps on keeping on..

Last week’s Seafood Newburg left us with a lot of leftover sauce… What to do? 1. Purchase 2 lobsters on special from Grocery Gateway: 2. Sautée them in some a big dob of butter. 3. Slowly heat up the sauce with the sautéed lobster and voilà you have a lobster bisque-type dish. Delicious! (NB, we … Read more

Mini Beef Wellingtons – revealed

Here they are! A day later the pastry was still light and fairly crispy and after reheating in a slow over (300 degrees F) they were cooked “to perfection” according to Neil. Mine, well it stayed in the oven a little longer, shall we say! (and ooops – there’s one there with the duxelles on … Read more

Mini Beef Wellingtons

So our last “hands-on” class in Culinary II was making Beef Stephanie – actually mini beef Wellingtons.. Now Beef Wellington is a dish that looks and sounds so fancy and I had never made it before last night. Having made it once (crudely as you can tell from the pics to follow), I might even … Read more

Meal deal magic!

So, what WAS the mystery meal deal component that saved my breakfast yesterday in Sault Ste Marie? MILK! Who KNEW that Subway offered that as a choice in their meal deals? Anyway, that combined with my penchant for packing snacks (I am my mother’s daughter!) saved my tummy at breakfast. Here it is in all … Read more