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Dear Sam and Joe…

(or a non-exhaustive guide on where to take 8 year-olds in Paris….) When I was in Melbourne recently, I had the fortune to meet my best friend from childhood’s twin 8 year-old boys, Joe and Sam. After commenting on their little hoodies and penchant for wearing them even though it was relatively warm, I made … Read more

Guest post – French cooking for dummies

Please welcome Véronique from French Cooking for Dummies! Writing on EatLiveTravelWrite while Mardi is on vacation (lucky her 😉 ) is a perfect occasion for me to introduce all of you to an unusual Parisian market : Rue Dejean African market. The heart of Paris’ African neighborhood is pretty close to Montmartre actually, It’s a … Read more

Une "bête salade"

(can you tell I am sorting out my iPhoto library? Hmmm… seems to be a lot of food pictures here!) Ok, so it’s just basically what we would call a cobb salad over here, I guess – a pretty simple mix of ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, olives. But just so delicious. I guess … Read more

I *heart* macarons!

Not macaroons, the coconut flavoured North American imposter with a deceptively similar name. No, macarons. These: The ones above were actually brought back from Laudrée in Paris by a parent at my school who knows and understands about my macaron addiction. This same parent gave me a gift certificate and three sample macarons from Chabichou … Read more

Things I love about Paris #1

Number 1 in what is sure to be a recurring series…. Inspired by David Lebovitz’ recent post, here’s my list of things I love about Paris: 1. The bread. I am not a big bread eater here in Canada but I DO enjoy a freshly baked baguette. Especially when it’s delivered to the apartment by … Read more