Kids rolling pastry dough on a marble surface

end of term update

Here we are. It’s mid-December! I’ve survived (just barely) the first term of in-person (and virtual for half my classes) teaching during a global pandemic. And I’m ready for a break. No trip to France for us this year so I’m just kind of laying low recuperating from the mental and emotional fatigue. It occrred … Read more

Macarons at Sandrine Pastry on

French Classics: A pastry class at Sandrine Pastry (Kelowna, British Columbia)

I’ve just spent a whirlwind weekend in Kelowna, British Columbia as a guest of Tourism Kelowna with a group of food bloggers where our schedule included all sorts of food, wine and spirits experiences. A foodie’s dream trip and, in fact, the type of trip I’d plan for myself! It’s really difficult for me to … Read more