Cook, Create, Connect: The Big Social 2021

This post is produced in partnership with Community Food Centres Canada.

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The Big Social is back! That’s right – and this year it’s your chance to Cook, Create and Connect!

What is The Big Social?

The Big Social is a fundraiser where Canadians cook, create, and connect during the month of October to help fight poverty and food insecurity.  The Big Social supports Community Food Centres Canada and their work with 300+ partners in communities across the country. They bring people together around food—in kitchens, dining rooms, and gardens — while fighting for a more equitable society.

Launched in November 2019, The Big Social has brought thousands of Canadians together to share food and change lives. Since then, over 1,100 hosts and donors in 270+ communities have joined in! Even Chef Lynn Crawford has joined in over the last couple years. This year, at a time when food insecurity is rising, we need to come together more than ever. Hosts and participants can connect in person or online, making The Big Social the perfect way to give back during these unprecedented times. Taking part in The Big Social can make a difference in the lives of the 1 in 7 Canadians facing food insecurity. To learn more about this important issue and what can be done to address it, check out CFCC’s Beyond Hunger report:

From October 1-31, raise funds, share food, show you care!

How can I host a Big Social Event?

This year it’s easy – there are three ways to “host an event”:

  1. Cook: Make something delicious and drop it off to friends or family for a donation.
  2. Create: Share your favourite recipe. Make or bake it together with your pod in-person (following public health guidelines for where you live) or online.
  3. Connect: Host a dinner party for a good cause (following public health guidelines for where you live) and ask your guests to donate.

Got an idea? Go to to register to host a fundraiser in October.

I don’t want to host an event – are you, Mardi, hosting something I can attend?

French Food for Everyone le goûter (after schooll snacks) front cover by Mardi MichelsSince you’re asking, yes! I’m hosting three online baking classes in October where you can join me, in exchange for a donation (suggested minimum of $15 per screen per class) and learn to bake three recipes from my latest book, French Food for Everyone: le goûter (after school snacks)!

Donate here (a minimum of $15 per screen/ family per class) and then register on Eventbrite!

Saturday, October 2nd 3.30pm – 4.30pm EDT Torsades au chocolat (Chocolate Custard Twists). Register here.

Sunday, October 17th 11am – 12pm EDT Gâteau au Yaourt à l’Orange (Orange Yoghurt Cake). Register here.

Saturday, October 23rd 3.30pm – 4.30pm EDT Cake aux Pommes (Apple Snacking Cake). Register here.


Disclosure: I received an honorarium for helping CFCC promote The Big Social this year. I will be donating a portion of this fee back to the organisation because I very strongly believe in the work they do in low-income communities to promote community and connection around food.


Buy my books! In the French kitchen with kids and French Food for Everyone: le goûter are out now! Click here for details and how to order!

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