Cooking on vacation: Making the most of your vacation rental kitchen

Gariguettes at the market in Lyon image on eatlivetravelwrite.comI’m on vacation right now (here) and enjoying cooking and baking with all the summer fruits and vegetables. I know it’s odd for many to think that someone might love cooking on vacation but I find that when I have more time (and access to a fabulous kitchen and great ingredients) it’s so much fun and even relaxing!

Radishes at the market in Lyon image on eatlivetravelwrite.comIf you’re one of those people who’s dying to cook all that great food you see in the markets when you travel, you’ll totally understand what I mean. Which is why, for me, having a vacation rental property with a great kitchen was really important. We’ve stayed in enough places with poorly equipped kitchens over the past 15 or so years to know how frustrating it can be if inspiration strikes but you don’t have the right pots or pans or other equipment so when I was fitting out our rental property, I knew exactly the sorts of things a demanding cook (me!) would use and made sure they were there!

Eggs in a basket at the market in Lyon image on eatlivetravelwrite.comIntrigued? If you’ve never taken advantage of your vacation rental kitchen and are keen, I wrote an article over on Vacation in Paris featuring  a few simple tips to help you make the most of this great opportunity!

utensils at La Cuisine Paris on eatlivetravelwrite.comWhat about you – do YOU like to cook on vacation?

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2 Responses to Cooking on vacation: Making the most of your vacation rental kitchen

  1. Fredrik Goldhahn August 16, 2018 at 07:28 #

    We just love to cook when being on vacation – working in the restaurant business when not traveling – and we think it’s such a good way to learn about a new destination!

    • Mardi Michels August 22, 2018 at 02:53 #

      Isn’t it? Such a great window into the local culture!

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