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Streetcar in Toronto Urban Adventures
Photo: Urban Adventures. Used with permission.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while now, you’ll know that I love to travel. And when I travel, I like to take walking tours. Especially ones involving food 😉 Sadly, my life is not one constant trip so when I am home in Toronto, I like to explore just as much as if I am travelling. It doesn’t often happen though – you know, I have great intentions of exploring every nook and cranny of Toronto but somehow never seem to get myself organised. So when an invitation to take part in a tour called “When Pigs Fry” orgnaised by Urban Adventures (3 hours, $59) landed in my inbox a few weeks ago, I jumped at the chance.

When Pigs Fry Urban Adventures Toronto Wurst varieties Mardi Michels eatlivetravelwrite.com

A three hour tour combining a trip on a streetcar (tram) and walking, this Toronto food tour is “a tribute to the humble pig and an exploration of humanity’s longtime relationship with this incredibly tasty animal.” In those few hours, you get to sample your way through some of Toronto’s tastiest bacon, pork, and sausage at unique local restaurants. And to think I had never been to any of the places we visited! Talk about being a tourist in your own city!

When Pigs Fry Urban Adventures Toronto peameal bacon sandwich Mardi Michels eatlivetravelwrite.com
Peameal bacon sandwich – a Toronto classic.

Highlights of the tour include sampling some of  Toronto’s signature pork creations (bacon, sausages) whilst visiting three cool, unique, pork-loving local restaurants/ stores.

When Pigs Fry Urban Adventures Toronto Pulled Pork Poutine Mardi Michels eatlivetravelwrite.com
Pulled pork poutine – yes they went there!

We learned about pork quality at a local butcher shop (and got to see the map of the farms where they source their meat) and got to sample some of the tastiest bacon (from happy pigs!) there!

When Pigs Fry Urban Adventures Toronto

Along the way we saw some local colour too…

When Pigs Fry Urban Adventures Toronto Graffiti Alley2 When Pigs Fry Urban Adventures Toronto Graffiti Alley

I had a thoroughly good time on this tour – loved that I discovered new-to-me places and loved the food! It was fun to walk around Toronto with a local guide learning things about the city I may have called home for over 12 years but which I am rapidly discovering I really don’t know that well at all!

I’m excited to see Urban Adventures offers three more tours in Toronto:

Kensington Market & Chinatown – $30 – 2 hours

Kensington Market CN Tower Urban Adventures
Photo: Urban Adventures. Used with permission.

On this Toronto walking tour, your guide will give you an orientation of Toronto’s most multicultural neighbourhood that includes places many visitors never see.  You’ll stop by  shops where you can purchase local foods to try and check out unique, eclectic, locally-owned and operated eateries, shops, and produce markets that make up the ‘hood.

Who could resist a tour called Beer Makes History Better -$43 – 3.5 hours (I know there’s someone in my house who couldn’t!)

Beer Sampling Urban Adventures
Photo: Urban Adventures. Used with Permission.

According to the site, this tour involves “stories, laughs and lager” – sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. The tour stops at three unique pubs, and the guide will discuss “how beer and booze shaped our city.” Cool!

Finally, Urban Adventures offers the Downtown Toronto Highs & Lows Tour – $40 – 3 hours (note this tour is no longer offered)

HighsandLows Toroto Urban Adventures
Photo: Urban Adventures. Used with permission.

Centred around Toronto’s core, this tour takes in Toronto’s commercial centre down to the shore of Lake Ontario, wandering through the streets between skyscrapers then ducking below the streets into the PATH network of tunnels underground.  You’ll walk down a section of the world’s longest street (!) – yes it’s in Toronto! – and into the financial district and then head below ground into the PATH where even locals (that would be me!) get lost!

But it’s not just in Toronto –  Urban Adventures offers city tours in over 40 countries – food tours, bike tours, hiking tours, kayak tours, beer tours and drink tours – honestly there’s something for everyone.

About Urban Adventures

(from the website) In 2008 or so, Intrepid Travel and WHL Group decided to join together to create a new style of travel experience. They wanted options for people who wanted to get off the beaten path and really connect with destinations on a local level but only had a day to do so.   In 2009, Urban Adventures was born with that premise – day tours, with a local. All over the world, their tours take you behind the scenes of a destination to reveal its hidden gems. With Urban Adventures local teams in every destination they operate in, you are assured a real local experience.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the When Pigs Fry tour as a media guest. I was not asked to write about this, nor am I being compensated for doing so. I have not been on any of the other three tours, information about these tours was provided to me by Urban Adventures.

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  1. You know when you live in a country you become almost complacent about your surroundings! I have spent the last 3 years in Mexico, and I absolutely love it – but now that I am leaving soon, I have realised that I have not at all explored as much as I had intended to or wanted to! This post has inpisred me to get out of my day-to-day and start being a tourist in the city you live in! Going to check out Urban Adventures and see if they have anything in Brasilia (our next post) although I doubt it…i have heard its not that exciting 😉

  2. I’ve been meaning to try a Toronto food tour, mostly because it’s always interesting to see the my hometown from a different perspective. Love the “When Pigs Fry” concept – what a genius tribute to Hogtown! 🙂

  3. Peameal bacon is what, exactly?
    Just bacon or bacon with something or from a different source?
    Whatever, it looked good.


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