Les Petits Chefs cook from the Peko Peko cookbook!

For the last Petits Chefs session of the year, I decided to test the recipe I contributed to the Peko Peko Charity Cookbook for Japan: Mushroom and Scallion Tamagoyaki.   In March, when Japan was rocked by the 9.0 earthquake, the food blogging community was fast to react. All across the world, bake sales and other fundraising efforts were organised and I was honoured to be asked to contribute to the Peko Peko Cookbook – the brainchild of three very talented food bloggers (Stacie – One Hungry Mama, Rachael – La Fuji Mama, and Marc – No Recipes).  Featuring contributions from around 50 food bloggers, the book is a wonderful collection of family-friendly Japanese and Japanese-inspired recipes published by Blurb. 100% of the profits will be donated to charity relief in Japan.  Peko Peko is a celebration of the Japanese people, their food and culture.

The book went on sale on Friday June 10th and I received my copy last Friday. It is truly beautiful and I am proud to be featured there.  Every book costs $29.95 and 100% of the proceeds, $11.45 of every purchase, goes to GlobalGiving. Every other penny goes to printing and shipping your order, nothing else. Blurb has waived their cut and every person involved in making the book (including me!) is buying personal copies.  If you’re interested, you can purchase your copy here.

I was so pleased to work with my cooking club on my recipe as it was they who inspired my choice of the bento box staple, tamagoyaki (rolled egg omelette).  Many of the boys’ parents have commented that they have been so excited to make and taste food from all around the world and I thought what better way to introduce them to some Japanese flavours AND promote awareness about giving back to Japan through the cookbook.  Since the tamagoyaki is super easy to make, I threw in a cold soba noodle salad for good measure (and to keep little hands busy on the penultimate day of school!).  I used the recipe I made for the Daring Cooks challenge back in February which you can find here.

I handed out the chopping assignments and we all got to work…

Slicing everything very finely for the soba noodle salad…

Doing an awesome job of mincing ginger…

More fine fine chopping of peppers for the salad..

Fresh peas for crunch in the salad!

Getting to work on the mushroom filling for the omelette.

And getting ready to make the omelette..

I made this whilst the boys watched. We were, shall we say, a little squirrely, by this point and we only had one frying pan.  The boys gave me advice as to how to make sure the roll did not break, though with the filling it’s tricky to keep it from falling apart. I think we did an ok job!

We also made a plain rolled omelette since some of the boys don’t like mushrooms. THAT one was so much easier to make…

And what did the boys and their families enjoy for dinner snack after school?

I can’t share the recipe for the tamagoyaki with you here, obviously but – you can always purchase a copy of the cookbook on Blurb or on Amazon here.

Please note: The product links from Amazon are affiliate links, meaning if you click over and purchase something, I will receive a very small percentage of the purchase price which goes towards maintaining eat. live. travel. write. Thank you in advance!


70 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs cook from the Peko Peko cookbook!”

  1. Congrats on another cookbook, another successful term of LPC, and kudos to you and your fellow foggers (food bloggers) for your Japan relief efforts. 🙂

  2. HI Mademoiselle Michels
    It’s Jamie. I’d just like to say thanks for another great term of cooking club. I really liked all those cool chefs that you invited in to teach us. I learned a lot them and from you!

  3. Great way to raise awareness in your students! Our last day of school is June 29 – looking for many ways to keep dreaming students busy!

  4. These look great! I love making an extra omelette then chopping it up to add as a protein in salads. Yum!
    That Peko Peko book looks fabulous, plus it’s such a great cause.

  5. A great way to end the school year with your Petits Chefs. I hope they continue to cook at home over the summer with and for their parents. Congrats on being part of such a great way to help Japan and her people recover with your contribution to Peko Peko. I hope it *flies off the shelves* so to speak.

    Enjoy your very special summer Mardi!

  6. Mardi, this is a wonderful book for a wonderful cause and I can’t wait to see all the fabulous recipes inside. Your petits chefs did it again! So wonderful!

  7. Even though the pictures look sensational……I’m with the little “no mushies” guys on this one – that’s right up my alley!!

  8. Found you via Prerna@IndianSimmer on Twitter and am so pleased I did! Lovely blog and enjoyed this post in particular with it’s emphasis on Japan… I’ve also tweeted about your fabulous give-away–thanks for bringing awareness to such a wonderful project 🙂 (@joliinjapan)

  9. I hear that there was another earthquake in the same area this morning. Hoping to hear that there wasn’t much damage. They’ve gone through enough.

  10. This recipe got my imagination going, I can many different variations to please the appetites of my family. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.
    I thought the photography was excellent as the colors are bold and decisive. !

  11. Did I miss this giveaway? Oh well, I just wanted to say that your boys did a trendous job with all that chopping of ingredients for their bentos! Your Les Petits Chefs cooking club have inspired me to want to start up a club of my own here, teaching interested children and young teenagers how to cook up a storm! Good luck with the giveaway :-).


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