Les Petits Chefs make pumpkin ravioli from The Whole Family Cookbook

This week, Les Petits Chefs worked on a quick and easy dinner idea from The Whole Family Cookbook that had endless flavour combination possibilities – pumpkin ravioli made in won ton wrappers.  I love the simple sophistication of this dish and so did the boys. I was excited to teach them how to make ravioli using the wonton wrappers when you don’t have the time (or energy or skills!) to make homemade pasta.  The sense of satisfaction kids will get making a recipe like this is enormous and I was very proud of the boys as they carefully filled their wrappers with the pumpkin filling.

The recipe itself is so so easy – the boys remarked how they could have “dinner in 30 minutes” from start to finish..

A few simple ingredients – pumpkin, ricotta (we used cottage cheese), sage, parmesan and salt and pepper – make up the filling.

And I improvised for one of my little chefs who can’t eat dairy by adding some breadcrumbs to some pumpkin mixture and bumping up the sage quotient:

Now onto the fun part – filling the wonton wrappers!

I taught the boys you don’t need any fancy equipment to make pretty ravioli!

A simple fork will do it – and boy, did we have fun!

Just for good measure, we cooked up one each of our ravioli – quality control, you understand!

The boys loved how the colour became vibrant beneath the won ton “skin” as they cooked!

The boys gave these between 9 and 10/10. They loved them.  I have to admit, I did too! I have made a similar version before (ignore the terrible pictures!) but it is nowhere near as fun making them on my own as it is teaching budding chefs how to make them!

Do you have a budding chef at home?  You should definitely check out The Whole Family Cookbook – on Amazon or Amazon Canada.  A fabulous book full of great pictures and easy, step by step instructions with different tasks for different ages, it’s quite simple the best kids’ cooking book I have seen.  Do yourselves and your children a favour, won’t you?

32 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs make pumpkin ravioli from The Whole Family Cookbook”

  1. Can I put a wine pairing here, without the legal blather about it being intended for parents of legal drinking age blah blah blah? 🙂

    A white Rhone springs to mind; the slight earthy tones would blend nicely. Or heck, if you’re out for a splurge – but a Meursault!

    If you must have a red, something lighter-bodied would be in store. A Chianti, or New Zealand Pinot Noir.

    Alas, none of these made it home with Mardi…

  2. Man, those ravioli look way better than ones I’ve made! Those are some talented chefs right there, maybe they can teach some classes when they’re done.

  3. What a great idea to use won ton wrappers! I’ve never heard of pumpkin ravioli but your Petits Chefs sure look like they did have a great time making these. I love these Petits Chefs posts. They should be very proud of their culinary skills that you are helping them to develop.

  4. I love the posts with les petits chefs. Always love the seeing the kids learning to cook, and great food at that. These look wonderful, Mardi! I love ravioli and particularly stuffed with flavours like pumpkin. Well done again!

  5. Love this and its one thing I’ve always wanted to try, homemade ravioli! Thanks for sharing and so glad to be a new follower of your amazing blog 🙂

  6. And yet another wonderful recipe for the petits chefs. I love recipes that can be made without a big fuss too! You give a great lesson to them: delicious and healthy food need not be complicated.

  7. so fun! we made pumpkin ravioli a while back, but the filling left a little to be desired. i love the idea of the sage and breadcrumbs. gives it a different feel.

    and the whole family cookbook is great! got it when i signed up for a nutrition program and have suggested it to many clients along the way.

  8. What an interesting recipe. I’ve never ate pumpkin ravioli, I thought they can be made only with salty stuff like meat or cheese. This is very interesting.


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